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  1. Pick your poison... Be patient... Don't expect too much... Wait an unspecified amount of time... Foibles and bugs in Evernote's editor are as old as Evernote's editor. The core engine itself may be tied to capital formation or proprietary requirements. There must be an explanation, because firms do not hold onto junk for so many years, they fix things earnestly and early, but this isn't so for the wickedly frustrating editor at the center of Evernote's user experience and customer satisfaction metrics. There is no legit explanation after so many years of fallow bugs. No excuse. No editor I can name is lousy and seldom corrected. Many many of us are as glad to use Evernote as day one, and we enjoy Evernote's growth and success, yet buggering plain text ASCII gets old, humorously shamefully old, and feeling sad about the hiccups is legitimate. Sad is a word that can't be explained away. Years go by... in sadness.
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