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  1. Another vote for this... Evernote will be great collaboration tool with this and I think that will substantially increase potential user base... In first view it can be done like in last.fm app (friends list and note share with drag-n-drop) And it appears to look good from commercial view in future --- group/company subscriptions etc WBR
  2. Hello! IMAP works for me (Windows Vista, thunderbird), but not shows correct directory names with cyrillic letters changing them to "?". Note headers and content works well, cyrillic folders in other accounts (Gmail, f.e.) works well too.
  3. My two cents about navigation/classification I use Evernote as advanced notebook in professional and personal aspects. Personal notes consist of my todo/to read notebook, clips from freebsd configs, bills & tickets, etc, earlier stored in personal wiki. Professional aspect includes some analytical notes & stuff (and I wouldn't mind at this point if we'll be able to attach arbitrary file types and my articles and reviews for few online magazines. So I thought about classification scheme. It's clear for me that one-level notebooks and not-so-hierarchical tags (parents does not include child-tagged notes) are not enough to my goals. So there is my proposed scheme: 1) One-level notebooks works as "data domain" and sync/publish options --- as it is 2) Tags works in multi-dimensions instead of one (faceted classification). User can define facets (for example: projects, status, people, magazine) and values (projects: A,B,C..), status (draft, proposed, ready, published), people (Kolmogorov, ...). 3) Note are marked with pairs facet:value, f.e. status:ready 4) Search box works to find notes on multiple facets (status: draft magazine:CNews type:review) in combination with search phrase and attributes 5) Every search saves (as it is in Saved searches now) as some kind of virtual notebook I think this scheme with some modifications (f.e. multilevel facets) will be not so hard to learn and have some flexibility to address many intermed. classification schemes. And case with one facet and many tags are simple one-dimension tags. Sorry for my poor English WBR, your premium user since June 2008
  4. http://www.cuneiform.ru/downloads/cuneiform.zip It's a try to make open source product from rather old commercial OCR, this is last commercial and first free release.
  5. I don't think that file attachments are not note taking function. At least, ability to attach any file can be a first and fast step to add basic possibility to work with different document formats not making us, users , to wait hours, days, months, years before there will be full support of this or that file format on all platforms, and important measure not completely exclude users who need files and formats that hardly ever will be supported. Again, sorry for my poor English.
  6. I agree, it will be extremely useful to have such options. by dengberg on Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:18 pm here I don't think, that it will be often used as backup solution just because of upload limit, f.e., but benefits from this feature are great. I'm looking forward to see expanded list of supported media, especially OpenDocument files, but there are many situations then possibility to attach even not indexed [binary] file are very useful... And for planned, but not yet implemented formats it can be a temporary solution, that let me, f.e., attach my odt whitelists to working notes, gnupg-encrypted keyfile to note with account description, or even pcm wav with interview to it text. Can we have it, pleeeease? PS Sorry for my poor English
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