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  1. I don't understand why I cannot access any notes offline on my laptop! I never sign out of my Evernote on my laptop and I really don't have a large database of information so it's not a syncing issue. But regardless, if my laptop doesn't connect to wifi for whatever reason, I should still be able to access Evernote and my notes. When I launch Evernote, it just loads and nothing. This experiential use after the new overhaul/redesign is terrible and has completely disregarded desktop/laptop users. Please fix this ASAP!!
  2. I have the latest update for Windows (10.8.5) and I'm still having this issue and it only happens when my laptop has been in "sleep mode" for more than a day or two. I am a paying customer and used to love Evernote until this major upgrade/redesign. They've completely disregarded desktop users. It's quite inconvenient that I have to use my mobile device just to access my Evernote while on my laptop because the laptop app doesn't work - especially when there's information in a note that I need to copy/use in a document that's on my laptop.
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