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  1. Are there any plans in the EN roadmap to link notes to contacts?
  2. I have been using Salesforce.com for CRM for some years. I work independently with nobody sharing my salesforce.com database. Salesforce is therefore far more sophisticated than I need. I searched "Evernote CRM" and came up with the following link: http://twurl.nl/o3meix Does anybody have any suggestions about how best to set up EN for lightweight personal CRM? For instance, how best to set up a hierarchy of tags/sub tags? Objectives: - Ability to capture contact/project related notes wherever, whenever - Need to be able to tag quickly and consistently even when there are some hundreds of contacts - Need to view all notes related to contact/project quickly and easily, probably chronologically - Notes should ideally relate to contact details held in a separate database, e.g. Outlook I will be grateful for suggestions. Thanks Peter Button
  3. My question is how best to use nested tags? I had assumed that by creating a top level tag, if I then dragged other tags into this top level, when I clicked on the top level tag, I would see all notes in the nested tags. However, it appears that to achieve what I want I have to add the top level tag to all of the notes as well. Is this correct or have I missed something? Overall I'm very impressed with Evernote. I've used OneNote for about three years but am frustrated with trying to keep notebooks in sync across different devices, especially mobile devices. Thanks for your efforts.
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