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  1. Unfortunately I haven't seen them talk about academic people, just young students. But one can hope they listen ... I appreciate all your solutions, I really do. This time they just were not good enough for me, and as a recent switcher from Papers I get frustrated from all lacking academic features.
  2. Workaround, but thesab did a good answer about it. Yes it's a wonderful and popular program for academic people. As you noticed, there is no Windows version. This is a Mac program that lately also has got a iPhone and a iPad version. Ye I certainly don't hope I will start to get reminders "your task was supposed to done 38 years ago!" from my 1973 article :shock:
  3. A few possible solutions: * If the article is from 1973, you could use the create date to reflect the date when it was created. * Put the YYYY/MM/DD in front of the existing title and use the Intitle search for the year. * Add some text to the end of the note - printed yyyy - then search for "printed yyyy" Workarounds exists yes. However, in other programs, such as the wonderful program Papers [http], I always sort papers by their date. This is not possible with the workarounds (except if I add the date in the beginning of the note names, but then I can't sort alphabetically).
  4. Subject date would be awesome for us scientists too. I have +1000 science articles and it's to be able to search for let's say articles from 1973 would be greatly appreciated.
  5. There is still a little loading time, that I don't really know what it comes from as it's a offline notebook. However, the loading is indeed significantly faster on my phone (Wildfire 2.2).
  6. I'm not getting these "5 min" that some people says, but it takes ~10-15 sec to open a note that only has a few sentences of text. This is over a fast wifi connection. Don't really understand what it is doing, is Evernotes servers really this slow?
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