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  1. Trying to add a source url to my note on iPhone but don't see such option. All I see is tag and a map when I click on "show info". Am I missing something??
  2. Just look at Pocket. You fire it up, it sees that you have an url in the clipboard and asks to add the url to the list. This little thing would be awesome for Evernote. Then take it to the next stage, let Evernote load the url and let the user drag a semi-transparent rectangle over the part of the website that should be in the note. Why is this not already included?
  3. Just realized this shortcoming of Evernote and am Extremely disappointed. I'm 100% that you would support this if English didn't have spaces in combined words, and that you just don't care enough about your international users. CPU? Well I'd much rather have a slow search than no search. And make it an option and all other searches will be fast Too many results? Again, make it an option (* or checkbox) In the previous example it makes perfect sense to search for "saft", but I guess you don't care since it's not much of a problem in English /Swede, now looking for software alternative
  4. We already have a monthly transfer limit so frankly I don't really understand why there has to be a note size limit. And the note size limit has been 50 MB for a long time and should be increased. But anyway.. I happened to have a PDF file just above the note size limit. I'll just put it into a local notebook was my idea. Evernote still says no. Why the heck is there size limitations on local notebooks? My local notebook is not gonna clog your servers with data, I promise! Thanks
  5. The "Hide Unassigned Tags" option works only in the sidebar, not in the Favorites bar (Evernote Version 3.0.4 (206275), OS X 10.7.2). What is the reason for this? They seem to serve the exact same purpose. I always hide the sidebar to get more screen for my notes, and I would really like the Tags dropdown menu in the Favorites bar to only show assigned tags.
  6. Just downloaded the web clipper from http://www.evernote.com/about/download/web_clipper.php However, as can be seen in this image http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/2812/skrmavbild20111204kl202.png something is wrong. Why is e.g. "quickNote_addTags" seen? Evernote Version 3.0.4 (206275) Safari Version 5.1.2 (7534.52.7) OS X 10.7.2 Swedish
  7. Unfortunately I haven't seen them talk about academic people, just young students. But one can hope they listen ... I appreciate all your solutions, I really do. This time they just were not good enough for me, and as a recent switcher from Papers I get frustrated from all lacking academic features.
  8. Workaround, but thesab did a good answer about it. Yes it's a wonderful and popular program for academic people. As you noticed, there is no Windows version. This is a Mac program that lately also has got a iPhone and a iPad version. Ye I certainly don't hope I will start to get reminders "your task was supposed to done 38 years ago!" from my 1973 article :shock:
  9. Would it be possible to have some kind of autocompletion when you search for tags in the search field? Can be tedious when the names are long or when you don't know if they had some special character in them. I know that I can select the tags in the left sidebar, but the tag: search in the search field exists for a reason. Thanks
  10. A few possible solutions: * If the article is from 1973, you could use the create date to reflect the date when it was created. * Put the YYYY/MM/DD in front of the existing title and use the Intitle search for the year. * Add some text to the end of the note - printed yyyy - then search for "printed yyyy" Workarounds exists yes. However, in other programs, such as the wonderful program Papers [http], I always sort papers by their date. This is not possible with the workarounds (except if I add the date in the beginning of the note names, but then I can't sort alphabetically).
  11. Subject date would be awesome for us scientists too. I have +1000 science articles and it's to be able to search for let's say articles from 1973 would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Seeing as 3.0 alpha 1 got some support for rich text editing, will we soon be able to encrypt text from our phones?
  13. There is still a little loading time, that I don't really know what it comes from as it's a offline notebook. However, the loading is indeed significantly faster on my phone (Wildfire 2.2).
  14. Working great! On my desktop Mac I can drag tags onto each other and form "tag stacks". However, on my android device the "stacks" are not shown, this greatly increases the clutter when browsing through the tags. Any chance this will be added in 3.0?
  15. Was gonna take a walk while listening on the latest Evernote podcast. Instead of finding the data cable to transfer the file, I just dragged the mp3 to Evernote as a new note. However, while outside I quickly realized that Evernote only played the mp3 when the screen was turned on (HTC Wildfire 2.2). Am I supposed to first deactivate automatic screen locking, and then going around with the phone in one hand carefully so I don't do any unwanted click on the touchscreen?
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