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  1. It is completely ridiculous that this issue is still marked " Solved" while only adding a referral to the same issue for Mac. I reported this several times, and again today to the moderator. Is anyone at Evernote reading this? Long paying members like myself are cancelling because Evernote refuses to recognize and address this issue with a simple on/off setting, that is bothering all Non-English speaking and multilingual users... Clearly it makes no sense to move back to the Legacy version - because, if Evernote consistently ignores and/or fails to understand these spell checking issues, they will soon return in some form in the next update, like in previous upgrades ! Evernote - please actually DO something about this, or confirm you're not interested so international users can move forward to another product?
  2. You have incorrectly marked both the Windows and Mac versions of this problem "Solved" by making them point to each other. Could you please re-open the issues so they can be properly fixed finally ? Thanks
  3. Shane, you mistakenly flagged this post as " Solved". See the many complaints below. Could you please re-open this. Many international users like me would much appreciate it if you could do anything to prioritize this issue. Spell checking has been a well-known nuisance for a long time and needs to be adressed. Thanks!
  4. A quick search on the forum shows this issue keeps popping up since 2015. It seems to be a major distraction to the workflow of many users. Could you please make sure it's clear to Evernote staff that many multilingual users simply want to disable the spell checker ? From experience I can add that this also includes many professionals who use domain specific jargon or source-code fragments in their text. Many thanks!
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