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  1. Is there any way to incorporate this into Evernote? i.e add a "scan to evernote" button in the app that launches imagecapture (or other default app)? I'm sure there must be some applescript or automater actions to achieve it... I've been wanting this for ages! Thanks for sharing. Kevin
  2. I'm sure I can't be the only one with this problem. In order to reduce the amount of paper and magazine littering my place, I'd like to use Evernote to scan and archive select magazine articles in addition to my web clips and notes in photos. With the text indexing this would be fantastic! This is complicated by several things: 1) Evernote 3 does not appear to have a "scan" option under new note or import. This means I have to use other scanning software to first scan to JPG files and then import. 2) If I were to use the above method and then imported the images, each image is imported as an individual note. I want to be able to easily say which images collectively belong to which note 3) Whether pages are stored as individual note or merged into one note, it's very difficult to read them afterwards. What I REALLY want is to have all the options found in Adobe reader, so I can flip through pages, zoom in, zoom out etc. What there is right now really doesn't work for any image with detail in it. 4) Even better would be to enable text transcription from the article - That is, keep the image for archival but present the recognized text as pure text only. I'm sure with fairly standard layouts this should be fairly easy. AND it should be possible for me as a user to go into that text and edit it where mistakes have been made, wiki-like. It can only help the character recognition. Is this something that anyone else wants? Kevin
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