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  1. I am in same boat, I assemble in Powerpoint these days, and then use skitch to take a screen shot to annotate.  Loses fidelity, which I find unfortunate, not to mention a bit unwieldy.  


    +1 for multi-image support.





    Hi Klang:


    It is almost a year later and I do not see any updates that address my feature request for multi-image support. I use  Evernote and Skitch daily as an integral part of my workflow and it is such a pain to have

    1st have to export the image as a jpeg then open that up in another program, then copy and paste the second required image, resave and re-open as a new capture in skitch to continue annotations.

    I am sure, all users of Skitch would welcome such added multi-image functionality within Skitch. Please advise if this is going to happen anytime soon. I am afraid, I will have to start looking into other standalone programs

    which provide the functionality. Which such a shame, as I will loose the benefit of Evernote integration. Hope to hear from you soon.


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