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  1. I've never totally understood the disparity. On OSX, when you go to print from any app, you can "Save as PDF". That menu is extended when Evernote is installed to say "Save PDF to Evernote" and "Save PDF to Skitch". It's wonderful - works with any app. I am not sure why the Windows analog was never a proper feature. Clippers are great, but a print driver allows every other non-browser app to dump straight into evernote without writing individual clippers....mail clients, powerpoints, backoffice apps, etc. The formatting and layout are handled by the print layout. Just need to route to Evernote a PDF output. I suspect it has something to do with licensing. On OSX, PDF creation is built-in to the OS. It's a third party thing for Windows.
  2. I am in same boat, I assemble in Powerpoint these days, and then use skitch to take a screen shot to annotate. Loses fidelity, which I find unfortunate, not to mention a bit unwieldy. +1 for multi-image support. Stephen
  3. Same problem - just discovered the limitation here. My wife and I both have premium accounts and the tag system is limited for shared notebooks (only the owner can create tags to be used in the notebook). Plus the chrome clipper, as the OP describes, won't allow any tags to be declared during clipping. Only afterwards in the app. Version 6.1
  4. it may not be common knowledge, that while there is not a penultimate for Windows8, the Evernote version I have has the concept of an "ink note" directly inside evernote (drop down the menu for "new note" or Ctrl+Shift+I). I use this in tablet form (I have a Sony Vaio Duo 11) and it works well enough. Not as robust as Penultimate, but certainly better than no inking or Windows Journal or using two systems (OneNote, etc). I keep putting my vote in on the Android side, since there are zero capabilities there, and this at least has a basic capability.
  5. +2 for Penultimate for Android. Especially with decent S-Pen support!
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