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  1. I have inadvertently created a number of stacks by dragging notebooks on top of each other (thinking I was just re-ordering the notebook). If I delete the stack itself, will it delete the notebooks within the stack or just the stack hierarchy? I want to get rid of the stacks without affecting the notebooks that have been mistakenly put in them. Otherwise, is there a way to move a notebook out of a stack so I can leave a stack empty and then delete it? Thanks.
  2. Dave, thanks so much, I was able to access it immediately on my standard Blackberry browser and Opera Mini. I had downloaded Bolt and it worked, but it's much easier on the basic Blackberry browser. I only entered a quick note so I haven't tried uploading images, etc, but just being able to put a note on quickly is fantastic. Many times my cell phone IS my computer so being able to access EN from the BB is critical. For what it's worth, I'm on a BB Curve 8310 on AT&T's network. Cheers, thanks again.
  3. I have the same problem. Worked like a charm before and now I can't get it on my standard BB browser or the Opera mini browser on my bberry. Javascript is enabled. Is anyone with a blackberry able to access Evernote? I'd be interested in what type of browser settings you are using. Is anyone from Evernote monitoring this forum? Would be very helpful to at least know they are aware of it. thanks.
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