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  1. After I made the original post, I haven't seen the error again....
  2. Is anyone having issues with the web clipper in Safari? Often times when I try and use it I get a black box that pops up saying "Loading Web Clipper..." and nothing else happens. There was an update to the web clipper (via Mac App Store) the other day. This issue has happened prior to and after the update.
  3. I assume the posters on this thread have paid accounts. Can someone who has a free account test signing into a third device to see if you get the same message?
  4. What is the 720MB of free permanent online storage you mentioned? The last time I looked I had a few gigs of data in Evernote. I thought you were only limited on how much data you can upload in one month, not that total amount of data you can store.
  5. Yes, it is Evernote. They have a red scheme in the sign out / sign in screens instead of green.
  6. See the highlighted part of the message I received.
  7. I understand the two device limit has been in place for a while now. What appears to be new is you can only sign out / into a device two times a month. Has that always been there? Maybe I have over looked it in the past.
  8. So I just received a message on my free plan when signing into a third device. I am told I can only unsung a device two times a month? Guess this is a new way to try and force people to pay.
  9. Ah, when I selected preview it opened three windows, one for each note... That will work for a few notes, but I was hoping to export a notebook at a time, which wouldn't be practical to open each note in a separate preview windows, then save as PDF. Still not sure why me printing is different than your setup, but at least I have a work around.
  10. Yep, exactly what I am doing, still getting one file. I did notice it looks like Evernote is trying to print three times. The screen slightly showed another progress bar two more times. It was hard to see since it happens so fast, but for some reason it doesn't print the other two notes.
  11. Hmm, that is exactly what I do but only one PDF file is created. When you select save as PDF, do you give it a file name? What are each PDF files you see named?
  12. I am not sure what you mean by saying printing repeats automatically for each selected note. Are you saying I need to go to File —> Print Notes multiple times?
  13. Yep, I see that. Then I go to File --> Print Notes. The print preview screen only has one of the three notes displayed.
  14. Hi DTLow, I just tried that on my Mac and the result was only one PDF file with one of the three notes I selected... Any thoughts on why we are getting different results?
  15. Hello, I have the Windows store version of Evernote on my Windows 10 laptop. I am trying to import from OneNote (I have OneNote 2016 and the Windows store version of OneNote installed). I was able to import one section of a notebook to Evernote. However, when I try and import another section, I keep getting a message that says "OneNote notes cannot be imported at this time". I have tried restart both applications and my laptop, but the error persists. Any thoughts on how to fix?
  16. The web clipper doesn't work with gmail. When I have an email open and click the Evernote icon, I get spinning dots, but the clipper never appears. It does work in Chrome. Anyone else having this issue? I have the latest version of Safari and macOS.
  17. Blah, after I posted I tried syncing and it is working now. Sorry for the false alarm.
  18. After installing the update on my iPhone and iPad today, neither will sync. When I force a sync it just sits there and “spins” like it is trying to sync but never completes. Anyone else experiencing this?
  19. I rebooted my iPad and now it is working. I will chalk it up to iOS 11 being buggy!
  20. When I have Evernote open, I used to be able to drag Google Sheets along side it and use both at the same time. Now when I drag Sheets up from the dock, it won’t “snap” on the side.
  21. After today's update, split view is broken for me. Anyone else?
  22. Thanks. Am I correct in that if I take two pictures using Scannable, I cannot save each as a separate file name? So if I wanted pictures of the postcards instead of a PDF, I would take a picture of side 1, save it, then take a picture of side 2, then save it?
  23. I have some post cards I would like to scan and save to Dropbox. If I use Scannable to take a picture of the front and back, then send to Dropbox, only the first picture I scanned is saved. Is there a way to save both as separate files to Dropbox? An even better solution is to have one image file with the front / back in the image. Am I correct in thinking this is not possible with Scannable?
  24. I have version 6.10 of the clipper installed. Reloading the tab where gmail is doesn't help. Edit: I just tried again to reload the message and it did work. I tried that previously and it didn't. If it happens again I will update this message.
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