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  1. I noticed that too... sort of disconcerting, as I don't know if it sync'ed. I suppose if there is a pop up for a failed sync, that will do. (I guess mine never failed, never saw that error pop up.) Just miss the little pop up when successful since it was there for so many years!
  2. Aaaaaand this bug is back. Same on my machine. Drat. I too have been struggling with this BUG in the tables ever since was installed. Why has it not been fixed yet? I keep redoing the widths and after I minimize then go back to the table, it is all messed up again! HELP!!!!!
  3. I have a problem with a table that was created in a previous version (2 versions ago I think). The latest Evernote for Windows ( has been fixed for an editing problem, but with this newest version, the column widths are sporadically changing for no reason. I readjust, then later they all get out of whack again. This is really wasting my time, so I hope the next version fixes this.
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