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  1. After a long hiatus from Evernote, I came looking for the same solution ...how to view notebooks instead of "all notes" on open. So silly is the problem, I thought I must be missing something. I see nothing has changed, no, Evernote is the one missing useful options. I also see, after years, we get the same bad advice and excuses for a poor UI. *sigh* I want soooo bad to enjoy using Evernote, but they make it soooo difficult to. Yes, everyone will use it differently. That's why some time ago,some programming genius came up with the concept of "options". Try it out sometime, Evernote!
  2. @Vance I know it doesn't get your money back, but try the Camscanner method above. It finds edges reliably, corrects skew, auto crops, and enhances to a readable flat document very well. I even suggested like 2 years ago to the Camscanner people that they create a specialized version called "Everscan" that would use their "front end" to scan an image directly to Evernote instead of using the PDF "workaround", and mentioned they would have a large user base willing to buy it. Guess they didnt agree or understand. But anyway the workaround works far better than EN's own. Why do I have the feelin
  3. "have them come out flat, skewed correctly, with the corners of the page found and used to create what LOOKS like a scanned document" I found the new page scanner useless as well ... but apparently it isn't working correctly because it doesnt do the above. I didn't even know it was *supposed* to. It just takes a picture, and a blurry one as described by others. I thought, wow, thats some great new feature *yawn* (I had already been yawning after seeing the new UI made to look ... old?? What is that?) For a couple years I have been using Camscanner to accomplish this task quite well. From t
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