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  1. This thread started almost one year ago with no response from the company. Interpret that as you will.
  2. I switched back to OneNote. Now that Microsoft is supporting Android, I don't need Evernote or it's fees.
  3. Acknowledgment of the issue and a statement that it is being worked is the minimum acceptable from a company. I haven't seen either from them. There is good news though: I got the update to Windows 8.1 yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that it has made using Evernote Desktop a bit easier. The update has increased the magnification on at least some desktop apps. I have noticed a marked change in Chrome and Evernote. I'm honestly not sure about Microsoft Office apps. It's a bit of a mixed bag to me because I was comfortable with Chrome in the previous magnification, but the change with Evernote is welcome, if not perfect. The update makes it possible to read notes that were too tiny in the past. The editing tools and the font size drop-down, however, are still off and will require an update of Evernote to fix them.
  4. I just got my Yoga 2 Pro and am irked to discover this was thread was started almost 6 months ago with no solution released. I first tried the Touch version, but it won't let you print! I now have both the desktop and Touch versions installed to address the missing features in each, not to mention the web version. I'm also a premium user and am beginning to look at options for going back to OneNote at this point. It's very sad that so much time is spent pushing Evernote branded products to me when they're not keeping up with technology. And where is Evernote's acknowledgment to this thread?
  5. I'm sorry to say that I just downgraded from premium and went back to OneNote. Without local storage and the ability to edit formatted notes, the Android client was useless to me and not having one at all won't be an issue. While there are things about Evernote I like, I still don't think it's comparable to OneNote's functionality--simple bullet and number lists are cumbersome. I will keep an eye on Evernote's progress.
  6. This is my greatest disappointment with the Android client. I want to use formatting with my notes, but the inability to then edit them makes the main reason for switching from OneNote to Evernote, availability of my notes everywhere, almost non-existent. If I append the note with the changes, I then have to edit it again on a computer, which simply doubles the work. Is Evernote working on adding this feature or should I rethink switching?
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