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  1. Thanks for the replies and suggestions! I'm reading online a lot of folks are using a combination of iPad + Evernote + another-party-tool. This definitely sounds attractive to me but in reality, the iPad is out of my budget at this current juncture for me. However, I did submit a ticket with EN and they responded with some sneak peaks of drawing on EN for macOS that might be released this year. Fingers crossed everyone!
  2. Hi all, posting my interest in having some kind of sketch/handwriting feature on the Mac version. It actually would be great to have feature parity across all platforms. The reason I chose Evernote is because it's available across all major platforms and is fairly consistent. I've been a basic user of Evernote and would like to step up my usage more, specifically with handwriting/sketching notes. Goodnotes and Notability seem to be really great apps for handwriting/sketching note taking, but I already pay for Evernote for taking so I would prefer to not use any other app. (also,
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