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  1. At this point, many people who use IOS exclusively or don't use their desktop/laptop very often really need this feature. At this point, when traveling I often take my notebook and not my ipad because Evernote IOS doesn't have this ability.
  2. It would be great to be able to have "add reminder" along with the various bulk edit options. AND/OR A quick keyboard shortcut or icon to tap on list/snippet view to add a reminder.
  3. Overall I like the new look. I personally didn't like the light green. The snippets view which I am presently using is better than the list view when it comes to legibility. At the same time, I changed the contrast universally on my Mac which helps my old eyes differentiate the colors better. I agree with everyone that more choices in the visual aspect would really go a long way. One thing that bothers me is the light green color of note links. They are barely legible. This has bothered me for years and I wish we could determine the color of links. A stark dark blue or green or red would be sooo much better. At the same time, I don't think the Evernote team should focus so much on design but rather on function. Work on ironing out bugs and bringing on the various enhancements asked for by consumers for many years.
  4. Hi JonnyBoy, Unfortunately, no, there's no quick way to port your bookmarks from Safari to Dolphin right now, but this has definitely been a popular user request. Stayed tuned! Thanks for the reply. Good to hear it is being worked on.
  5. Is there a quick way to port one's bookmarks from Safari to Dolphin?
  6. The new Clever update for the iphone is flawless (at least in my limited experience). All problems that I had before are cleared up. However, the Ipad edition (Clever HD) is buggy. My "Saved Searches" in Clever's iphone app work well but don't seem to work in Clever HD. Hmmmm....
  7. I want to say my "Amen" for this feature. It is really needed.
  8. [ I am not sure if it is the same bug but when I scroll quickly using and flick and then stop the scroll before it reaches one end or another, then the menu freezes until I refresh it (via "edit" or "contact"). I mentioned this to the developer and he said he would try to fix this. By the way, the developer is very responsive to feedback (bug reports and enhancements). On a last note, along with the ipad update I believe (at least according to a recent email from the developer) we should be able to copy note links outside the app. Presently you can only copy links within the app but the copy/paste function disappears once you go outside the app (unless you paste it to a note and then copy it from the note). So more good things to come. I believe that both Everlog and Clever are developed in Japan. Both developers have been very very responsive to any feedback that I have given. To say the least I am impressed not only with the quality of product but the customer service they provide.
  9. No problem. I haven't tried the url schemes. When I do, I will let you know if they work or not. By the way, May, have you tried Everlog? I am curious to what others think of it. You can try out the lite/free version before purchasing.
  10. Strange. On both the ipad and iphone, I can browse the notes as well as edit in landscape.
  11. I would like to have this feature as well. I ran into this need when I wanted to search all my personal notes and avoid those notes in notebooks made by other apps (such as Olive Tree). So a work around was to put my personal notebooks (inbox, offline, online, and shared) in one stack and all the rest of the notebooks in another. Then I either tap on the stack (if I am located in all) before searching or I use the save searches function. Hope this helps.
  12. Great video, May. I have been using Clever for about a week and am very impressed. Both Clever and Everlog are the 2 go-to apps for Evernote on the iphone (as well as ipad though neither have a dedicated ipad app). I use Clever primarily for viewing and quick editing. Everlog is for quick and clear input of regular entries (incredible template options kind of like KustomNotes but on steroids and for the iphone). By the way, Clever can run in landscape mode though there is bug which doesn't allow you to copy the note link in landscape mode.
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