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  1. It would be great to be able to have "add reminder" along with the various bulk edit options. AND/OR A quick keyboard shortcut or icon to tap on list/snippet view to add a reminder.
  2. I would like to have this feature as well. I ran into this need when I wanted to search all my personal notes and avoid those notes in notebooks made by other apps (such as Olive Tree). So a work around was to put my personal notebooks (inbox, offline, online, and shared) in one stack and all the rest of the notebooks in another. Then I either tap on the stack (if I am located in all) before searching or I use the save searches function. Hope this helps.
  3. Everlog has the option of adding icons for weather, emotions and ratings as well as automatic location, tags and date stamps. And of course, the icons used can be connected with certain tags. I haven't tried out DayOne yet. My guess is that it is much more pretty of an option than Evernote and at the same time, can sync with Evernote. Everlog doesn't have a viewer separate from Evernote for the notes it creates. I prefer this but I understand the pain recently for ios users (of which I am one). I can't wait till they fix the most recent bugs. BTW, It would be great to see the ios apps
  4. I am a little bit behind the curve as I just discovered KustomNotes. After tinkering around with it, I discovered some of the strengths and weaknesses of this app and Everlog which I mention above. Advantageous of KustomNotes: 1. The option to connect to Google Calendar and Contacts 2. The option to set up reminders. 3. Web version These are not an option yet in Everlog. However, I do prefer Everlog as 1. It is smaller and more discrete (KustomNotes are big and loud, at least, in my opinion). 2. You can determine the size of photos that will be added in the template. This saves a lo
  5. I was trying out the various free and lite apps that work with Evernote and I stumbled on a gem. So I want to give you a heads up. It's called Everlog and there is a free (lite) version of it to try out. Basically, the app allows you to develop templates which then you can fill in later. This would be great for all of us that have been searching for a quick and clean way to journal. It is by far the best that I have come across so far. The only problem so far is that there is very little documentation in English (probably due to the fact that the developer is Japanese). However, a yo
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