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  1. Besides PDF Drawboard, you could use the free NEBO app (great and direct OCR of your written notes to text) and/or Microsoft's Plumbago which can export your written notes to PDF. But in the end i hope for better Windows ink support in Evernote.
  2. That is a half-backed workaround. It saves the header of the webpage and a link to this webpage, not the content of the webpage itself. At beter solution which works for most of my time: If you open the menu (...) you can select 'open with internet explorer'. it starts internet explorer and opens that particular page you are viewing. Clip it from there, as the web clipper works with Internet Explorer.
  3. We learned that the new Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 won't support plugins yet. This will be added later. So we won't have a clipper functionality at start. But there is a share button in edge, which allows to save/share content with Onenote, reading list, mail, flipboard, Redditing for Reddit and possible more. After installing 'Evernote Touch' from the Windows Store it looks like you can add content to Evernote too, however this is not working. You can't share a full page, you must select text before hitting the share button. After trying to share I get some HTML tags instead of the selected content, even if it are just a few words. The HTML tags don't even relate to the selected text but looks like they belong to the evenote share plugin as it are the same html tags over and over and it the tags are named .snipped-div. After just hitting the share button no content is ever saved. Also I have the impression that Evernote touch is not actively developed as the latest beta is from April 2014. So is there another way to use Microsoft Edge and save content to Evernote, or do we have to wait for now till plugins are official supported and we have a Evernote plugin? Yeah I know I can select text and copy it over to a new note, but lots of layout is lost including meta data such as the original URL. ​
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