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  1. I'm a programmer, and it seems like it would be such an easy feature to implement, please please do it!!! cheers, Julie
  2. Thanks for your reply. Do you remember if that was different in 5.02? I'm just wondering if it's everyone, or just me! cheers, Julie
  3. Why is it that when I delete a note, the "cursor" in the list goes right back to the top, so I lose my place in the list? Surely the sensible behaviour would be to move to the next or previous record? In searching about this on the forum, I saw another guy saying that his DID do the sensible behaviour .. so is it just something screwy in my settings? It's very annoying because when I'm going through a list deleting old notes, I constantly have to scroll back to find my place. Thanks so much, Julie
  4. Yes! I used thumbnail view all the time to get an overview of my notes ... now they're too big! Hmph! My passionate love affair with Evernote has taken its first blow Yes, PLEASE allow resizing of the cards, or bring back thumbnails.
  5. I'd love to be able to add a comment to each tag, reminding me exactly what the purpose of that tag is. cheers, Julie
  6. Yeah, I though as much. I was hoping you could escape it somehow, like \". Thanks so much for your reply
  7. Is there a way to search in Evernote for a double quote mark, like the inch symbol? Thanks, Julie
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