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  1. I did the firmware upgrade today and got things working. I ended up doing things differently on the two computers. On my Mac I have things set up to put the scans into Evernote wirelessly via the cloud. My wife is a minimal Evernote user, so I configured her connection to be wired with the USB cable and not using Evernote. She gets the standard set of ScanSnap Home choices to save to a file, email, etc. We still have to plug and unplug the USB cable as one or the other of us scans, but at least now the cable just stays by her computer.
  2. What you describe sounds like the software equivalent of what we do by moving the cable, so that should work. We rarely need to scan at the same time so we can coordinate who runs the software. At least we will both be able to scan when we need to. Thanks!
  3. My wife and I both use our Evernote Scanner. I use it on my Mac and she uses it on Windows. Whoever needs to scan just moves the cable over to their computer. After the firmware update scanning will only be wireless. Will we be able to control which computer gets the scans?
  4. Thanks! That wasn't exactly the problem for me, but it got me in the right area and I resolved the issue. Here's what I had to do: Go to Firefox>Preferences>Privacy Change History to "Firefox will: Use custom settings for history" I already had Accept third-party cookies set to Always, so I looked further. Click on the Exceptions... button. I had lots of exceptions in here. The list isn't searchable so I reluctantly hit Remove All Sites. I restarted Firefox and after that the Web Clipper worked fine. I'll rely on Privacy Badger for my cookie management.
  5. I'm still having the problem. I just upgraded Flash to the same version and removed and reinstalled the Evernote Web Clipper but I still get the red dot on the icon and the blank login screen that was originally reported.
  6. This is been happening on one of my Macs for a while. I have removed and reinstalled the Clipper but it doesn't help. I'm running Web Clipper and Firefox 53.0.2.
  7. I'm having the same problem. I'm trying to copy and paste the overview text from a trip description at http://www.southernexplorations.com/amazon/amazon-machu-picchu into Evernote. I select the Overview in Firefox and copy it, but when I hit Paste in Evernote nothing goes in most of the time. Sometimes it works, but mostly not. I can paste the same text into the vim text editor, and I can copy and past text from vim into an Evernote note, but something isn't right going from Firefox to Evernote. And yes, I could just use the Web Clipper, but the workflow is easier for me to copy and paste, and copying and pasting is one of those fundamental things that is supposed to work. Evernote 6.10 MacOS Sierra 10.12.1 Firefox 50.0
  8. As it happens, Firefox crashed shortly after my post. It came up at version 50 and I was able to log in after that.
  9. I can't login with Firefox either. I'm on web clipper 6.9.3 and Firefox 49.0.2. In my case, I enter my ID and password and hit Sign In but nothing happens.
  10. I appreciate the reply from Evernote, but the program was real good as it was, so all you had to do was to leave it running and allow synchronization. It built a lot of goodwill and the alternatives were minimal. While I actually ended up liking the NY Times recipes, I didn't use Evernote Food for recipes, I used it to track what I cooked and ate, and it did that very well. Now that I have gone a while without it I really miss being able to take structured pictures when I go out to eat. I may snap a few shots and save them in a note, but then I forget about them, as they don't seem very valuable. Please bring back the Evernote Food service. I'd be happy to pay for it.
  11. I'd like to build a genealogical timeline in Excel and link back to the notes behind the information I put into the spreadsheet. I can set up the link in Excel 2011 on the Mac, but if I click on it Excel says it cannot open the file. I also see that Excel has put "file://localhost in front of the evernote link. Has anyone figured out a way around this?
  12. Today's breach and massive password reset reminded me of how I wish Evernote had two-factor authentication.
  13. Good to hear that you got it working. We don't have any data so far, but in my mind, the most likely culprit is the appstore version. It's always a good first step in troubleshooting to get the home brew (the link above). That said, which one did you use: the appstore or home brew? FWIW both of my upgrades to 5.0.3 were on the non-appstore version of Evernote and in both cases the upgraded Evernote was non-responsive and I had to force-quit, remove, and reinstall. My theory is that the upgrading process is the culprit.
  14. I think a key here might be how many notebooks you have. I was also annoyed with the new notebook interface until I realized that I can put the notebooks I'm currently using into the shortcuts folder. This is actually a net plus for me, as I've accumulated a lot of notebooks but have a lot that I rarely look at. So while I have to move my commonly-used notebooks to the shortcuts display I've ended up with a much shorter list of notebooks to look through.
  15. It's not hyperbolic at all. It didn't work on either of my Macs either. Just because it works for you doesn't mean other people are being hyperbolic when it doesn't work for them. The problem is on Macs. I wrote to support and they gave me the following steps, which worked on both computers: Quit Evernote from the elephant icon in the Menu Bar. [i had to do a force quit, but whatever works] Drag the Evernote application to the system Trash. [This is the one in the application folder, not the one on the dock]. Reboot your Mac Download and install the latest version of the Mac client: http://www.evernote.com/about/download/get.php?file=EvernoteMac When you open the download, make sure to drag the Evernote icon into the Applications folder instead of running it from within the installer package. Eject the disk image and delete the installer file before you run Evernote.
  16. You are doing close enough to arguing against 2FA by suggesting that it be a lower priority for implementation. Your argument that everything is not perfectly secure on the servers is a strange reason for not wanting more security. Yes, Evernote and in some cases the government can see my notes, but that doesn't mean that I want someone breaking in to see them. It's fine that a good unique password is enough for you, but we don't really need you discouraging other people's valid requests for more security.
  17. I'd also like two factor authentication. I have lots of important information in Evernote that I want to keep private. And yes, a good password helps, but there are ways around a good password.
  18. Add me to those who want background coloring. When I want to highlight stuff now I have to change the color of the font, which doesn't stand out as well, or put asterisks nearby. Background coloring is in lots of programs and shouldn't be that hard for Evernote.
  19. hi. i wouldn't mind seeing more text options, but because evernote is trying to maintain parity across mac, windows, android, ios, blackberry, the web, etc. they probably have to think carefully about each feature they add. i don't think of it as particularly lame. i don't mind the basic nature of evernote myself, because i look at it as a notetaking program, and not a word-processing one. i think it is pretty robust, and it is one of the only programs with so many editing options on the ipad or iphone. it's not perfect, not yet, but we are on our way. hopefully superscript and subscript will come Evernote already supports the storage of super and subscripted characters, just not the entry. There have always been differences between the various platforms, but adding superscript and subscript entry on the PC and Mac would not effect the other platforms. And it is precisely because Evernote is a note-taking program that it needs superscript and subscript capabilities. For example, my main hobby is genealogy. Part of what I do in Evernote is to transcribe records so I have a readable copy to refer to. Most genealogists use Word, but I use Evernote for its many searching and storage benefits. The problem is that part of making a transcription is to write down exactly what you see. For example, if someone wrote "Junior" as "Jur", then it needs to be entered as "Jur". I have recommended Evernote to my genealogist friends and on my blog, but have avoided the embarassing issue of not being able to fully transcribe documents due to this shortcoming. Other notetaking examples could come from chemistry, math, and physics, which all use superscripts or subscripts. Think e=mc2 or H2O. I'd be real unhappy if I was studying science in school and wanted to use Evernote to take notes in class. Super and subscripting don't have to be on the toolbar, they can be buried down with obscure features like the strikethrough. They just need to be somewhere.
  20. I would like this as well and have wanted it for a long time. I use Evernote for genealogy and when putting transciptions of old documents into notes I find the originals often use superscripted letters in names, like Wm. The Mac client already supports entering underscores and strike-throughs, so superscripts would be just one more type. I can of course type the superscript in Word and then copy and paste, but that is extremely lame.
  21. I've been an enthusiastic Evernote user for a long time and while working with screenshots realized that Skitch would be helpful. I went to download it but discovered that it is only available through the Mac App Store. I am avoiding using the Mac App Store for anything but Apple products as I do not like the way Apple uses its app stores to control what runs on Apple devices. On iOS they blocked competing programs as well as ones with a political message. On the Mac App Store Evernote lacks some useful features in the regular version, such as the ability to print pages to the program. This is due to Apple rules, and shows how Apple app stores make things worse for users. I know Skitch is free and cheap distribution is desirable, but it would be great if it were available through a less restrictive distribution method.
  22. Now that the Nook supports apps, it would be great if Evernote were available for it. It worked fine when I rooted my Nook, but I switched back to the production Nook and would like to have Evernote on the nice big tablet screen.
  23. I'd like this feature, too. I know that I can look for notes with checkboxes, but I'd like to search for checkboxes within a note. In my case I'm following a long, multipage procedure and am marking items I want to go back to after the first pass. At first I scrolled through the note looking for the checkbox, but after that just put "TODO:" after each checkbox, which should be redundant.
  24. I'm using Evernote 1.1.0a for the Mac. I'm generally ably to sync notes, but there are 4 that don't sync. The errors say "The note 'whatever' could not be synced. The content is not valid. If I view the notes on my Mac they look fine. BTW, if I check the Mac console I see the following errors when I sync: 5/15/08 8:07:52 AM Evernote[435] EDAMUserException(errorCode:11,parameter:"Error processing document: Invalidate img src attribute:../images/HJames.jpg") 5/15/08 8:07:52 AM Evernote[435] EDAMUserException(errorCode:11,parameter:"Error processing document: Invalidate img src attribute:Seeking%20ancestry%20in%20DNA_files/12f2a203Q2FHQ26Q5CVQ5E-mmQ3CQ25Q5CQ27Q27qmQ26Q2BQ3CQ7E-RJ.html") 5/15/08 8:07:53 AM Evernote[435] EDAMUserException(errorCode:11,parameter:"Error processing document: Invalidate img src attribute:../images/tlob.jpg") 5/15/08 8:07:53 AM Evernote[435] EDAMUserException(errorCode:11,parameter:"Error processing document: Invalidate img src attribute:/adx/bin/clientside/6f729548Q2F.TbQ2BQ2BQ3CZl8Q25NQ25Q3E8Q7CQ3ERlXRNZQ7CQ3E")
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