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  1. I'm another one constantly getting the iTunes password requests. iPhone 7 Plus, EN. Really annoying.
  2. @chowmein there is a fix in this discussion: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/85315-applescript-not-assigning-tags-help/ It's a problem with the current version of Evernote.
  3. That works for me thanks! Now to go through and change it on all the folders I use it on...
  4. Up until a couple of weeks ago I have been using for a long time Hazel and an applescript to automatically add files that are added to a specific folder on my computer to Evernote. When it added the note to Evernote it would add it to a specific notebook and assign specific tags. It worked fine for a past couple of years. For the past couple of weeks the script has been working fine except that it no longer assigns the tags. It adds the note to evernote and puts it in the correct notebook but does not assign the tag. Any idea why this has started happening and how I can fix it? The applescri
  5. I've been using a Hazel evernote script for a long time now. Suddenly last week I noticed it is no longer adding tags to documents it's adding to Evernote. It is putting them in the right folder but not assigning tags even though they are correct. Any idea what has caused this to stop happening. The script I'm using is of the form: tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile notebook {"Notebook Name"} tags {"tag1", "tag 2", "tag 3", "tag 4"}end tell
  6. @May Do you know why I'm getting the error from Pythonista. Is it a problem with the script or am I doing something wrong. I've made the changes as specified to customize it with my Evernote details but I keep getting an error in pythonista saying Error: replace() takes at least 2 arguments (1 given). Anyone else been able to get it to work?
  7. In Pythonista you will need to create this script and name it as “internal evernote note link”: Check how your own evernote note links look and tweak the script accordinglyYou will need to replace “shard/s45/sh" with whatever is in your own external link that evernote generates, “s45” might be different for you. And in “evernote:///view/4444444/s45/” Replace “4444444/s45/” with whatever is in your own internal note link (create one on the desktop and check if needed) In Pythonista you will need to create this script and name it as “internal evernote note link”: Check how your own everno
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