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  1. This was mentioned in another thread, but it seems the clipper has lost the ability to increase/decrease the Article selection via the keyboard (up and down arrow keys) as well as change DOM object (left and right arrow keys). I'm hoping that capability returns soon.
  2. I just noticed it not appearing today. It's consistently not appearing on any page. I've tried in Incognito mode and disabling uBlock Origin. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WHCXB0K/ref=?ie=UTF8&m=A1W5X3ILJUNX1H https://www.amazon.com/Kirkland-Signature-Gallon-Clear-Trash/dp/B00FZP5DB6/ https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Echo-Dot-Portable-Bluetooth-WiFi-Speaker-with-Alexa/b/ref=nav_shopall_ods_ha_echo_pk?ie=UTF8&node=14047587011 I get standard Article, Simplified Article, etc. LinkedIn still works. I haven't tried Gmail or any other specialized sites.
  3. Three things: 1. About 90% of the time, I need to click the Evernote icon on the dock a second time for the Main window to appear. 10.10. 5 2. I can't create a new note by dragging and dropping a file (PDF) onto the dock icon. Nothing happens. Same is true if invoked via AppleScript. AppleScript times out. Drag and drop has no message, and there's nothing in the Console log or Evernote activity log. 3. Account Info isn't available under the Evernote menu or the Account Name button on the toolbar. It's grayed out. And one other big request, while we're submitting feedback and all. Please, for the love of Evernote Premium and SSDs, let us have some sort of selective sync. With a 10 GB / mo upload limit on notes, that'd be 120 GB / year. Of course, that's an extreme, but it still adds up. I have 34000+ notes with a total Evernote folder under Application Support of about 18.7 GB. With the exception of Dropbox, nothing takes up even half that amount. That's crazy, and it just gets worse as time goes by.
  4. I tried pasting what should have been plain text into a new note. I tried both the right-click menu, ⌘V, and Edit | Paste. None worked, as in nothing happened. I was able to paste into TextMate fine. I tried Edit | Paste and Match text, and it worked. It also pastes fine into the Evernote Helper menu bar item. OS X 10.10.5 It's reproducible at least with this text slug.
  5. Thanks for that tip. That's the most unintuitive and obscure "button" I've ever seen. It's even more confusing that in snippet view you get the "half screen" on iPad and in card view you get the full screen note. I was hoping there was a "swipe" left or right gesture to open or expand panes, but that's apparently not the case.
  6. I feel your pain. I love being able to throw anything and everything into EN and then magically find it later. What might work would be to create a Notebook in lieu of a folder and then have each file be a separate note. You can drag a whole slew of files to EN at once, and it will create one note per file with the file name as the note Title. If you just need to "archive" it, it could be a local notebook, but that takes away one of the greatest features of Evernote (the cloud and the ability to sync). What I'd love is the ability to Selective Sync notebooks. I used JungleDisk as my cloud backup provider of choice for quite some time, but I got tired of the JD 2.0 buckets not playing well with any other S3 apps. I backup straight to S3 now with a mapped drive. Checkout Gladinet or CyberDuck.
  7. I completely agree about Selective Sync. Since the monthly quota for paid accounts is now 1 GB, my Evernote database is getting unwieldy. In addition to the large size, there's significant performance degradation, especially when starting Evernote (Mac and Windows). I have a number of notebooks I don't need on every computer but I do want to access via the Web interface. For example, on my Macbook Pro, I use Boot Camp and use both the Mac and Windows clients. I don't need every notebook in both locations, but at the same time, a local notebook is the exact opposite of what I need. I had a similar situation with Dropbox until they implemented selective sync. I would have 1 paid account an 1 free account and then "share" the folders I needed from the paid account to the free. It was a PITA, but it worked in the short run. I don't think I can set up a similar setup with Evernote and have a decent experience.
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