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  1. How? Somehow I got up 6.8, which has bugs with mac OS10.9. The only option I can find is to download 6.11 which will not even RUN on 10.9. Why on earth it even allows me download it is beyond me. How can I get a version earlier than 6.8?
  2. Update for those with same issue. The gist I am getting from the support ticket is that this is known bug (published anywhere?) with 6.8 that was fixed in 6.11, however 6.11 requires 10.10. No plans to fix bug. WOW. I am getting more and more disappointed with a product I used to admire and recommend. Even though I disliked using OneNote enough to switch back to Evernote, I am considering switching again. Any suggestions? Wish list: Mac OS 10.9.5 support, web clipper.
  3. 2083763 Thanks. Sorry I did not find the support ticket option before. I was falsely under the impression that Forums were the only support available.
  4. Yes, I can remove evernote from login items, however if I ever launch the application again, it will auto-add itsself to the login items.
  5. P.S. your "support" forum software flags "evernote" as misspelled. Really?
  6. I was a diehard Evernote user for many years. I left after the 2 device limit debacle. I recently came back to Evernote as a Premium subscriber. Annoying autolaunch bug, annoying no in-app update bug, annoying trendy website that downloads incompatible versions, annoying website that does not list minimum requirements. No support options besides a forum. No timely support response from employee in forum. I am beginning to regret my decision to return.
  7. After downloading from web site and installing, I find 6.11 is not compatible with 10.9. Why on earth would the website auto-pick that version for me if it was not compatible? If they are incapable of detecting my OS version, then ask! Or at least tell me the minimum requirements. BTW I can't find minimum requirements anywhere on the website. Come on people! A trendy simple attractive website is nice, but please don't abandon basic function.
  8. OK, I see version 6.11 is current version. How come 6.8 tells me that there is no update? Guess I will go find a place to download instead of rely on the in app update.
  9. I have a screen video, however 6mb is too big to upload here. Let me know if anybody wants to see it. Thanks -Stan
  10. Mac 10.9.5 Evernote Premium 6.8 Everytime I launch evernote app, it automatically adds itself to the System Preferences Login Items. Which means it will auto launch next startup. I can literally watch it appear in the System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items window as I launch the application.
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