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  1. Ever since I upgraded to Business, I'm getting a sync error. It seems to be on the Business notebook where I manually moved 30 text notes over (drag to desktop, drag back in), because only 2 of them appear on my other machine. It goes through and seemingly syncs most notes, then says: Synchronization complete Sync failed due to unexpected behavior at client side Any idea how to resolve this?
  2. It's quite unfortunate to have to use a workaround for something like that, but I appreciate the help. Aside from dating everything with today's date (and thus putting it at the top of my "updated" list) it does the job.
  3. That'd be ok (though less than ideal), but it doesn't work either. "Unable to move notes to the specified notebook. Please try copying them instead." Grrr.
  4. GrumpyMonkey -- It's out of beta and open to all. Updated Evernote this morning, paid my $10 for a business account, and here we are. jefito -- I can drag and drop between my personal/shared notebooks with no problem. The new business notebooks are a completely separate section below your normal group of notebooks, as seen here: http://screencast.com/t/OTr4A9tfVd I just can't drag stuff over there and it's very frustrating.
  5. Over the years I've accumulated quite a few "business" notes in my Evernote. Now, of course, I'd like to drag those into the new business section. However, I can't drag/move in either the Windows or web version. Is this intentional for some reason, a bug, or a feature coming later?
  6. Sorry, no dice. It still does the crazy jumping around when trying to select offline notebooks, and I still get a "last sync failed" after it does a few items.
  7. Getting extra symbols on Android when I make changes in Windows. It happens consistently. Here's a quick video showing the bug in action: http://screencast.com/t/8Mws0WsgSsD
  8. This is good to hear. I just switched from iPhone to the Nexus One, and I really miss the offline notes. As with the iPhone, I'll gladly give up a few gigs of storage to be able to keep all of the notes offline. I understand the delay, and appreciate the info you've provided. I look forward to seeing this feature whenever you can get it ready! Thanks.
  9. Thumbnail view in Windows would be GREAT. I really want that.
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