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  1. i have stumble across a way to be able to rename PDF attachments. You need to put the cursor in the note. In my case I'm doing this with notes that only contain a single PDF so I have to get the cursor either before or after the PDF, which I usually have set to view inline. It seems to me though that as I can rename Word files following the same workflow I used to use for PDFs that this is a bug that has crept in since v5.7.
  2. Just to follow up now I'm on my Mac, I have 5.7.2 installed and I have a ticket number.
  3. I raised a ticket with them last Tuesday. Nearly a week and still no response.
  4. I've noticed over the last few days that the rename attachment function for PDFs has stopped working. Although I raised a support ticket on 4 November I have yet to hear from Evernote about this issue. Is anyone else seeing it?
  5. I raised a ticket and had a lot of support. I'm pleased to say that my system is now working as normal. I've no idea what caused it. If it is still giving you trouble I suggest you raise a support ticket and get help from Evernote.
  6. I've got this issue. I've raised a ticket about it. There may be work arounds; however, one has to ask why has this started happening since the last update (in my case)? Hopefully they'll fix it soon.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I've managed to keep my new iMac an Adobe Free Zone so as the Chrome clipper works I'll carry on with that.
  8. Just tried this and it gave an error message saying "The Clipper couldn't start on this page." - the PDF was successfully transferred to Evernote from the Chrome version of the clipper. I'm using Safari Version 6.0.2 (8536.26.17); MAC OSX 10.8.2. The URL for the PDF is: http://www.tribunals...lser_v_hmrc.pdf Update: I've since uninstalled and reinstalled the extension and tried it with a different PDF with the same result.
  9. I get the same - just the first page. Mine showed up as PDF. I suspect that that was because I'd set up my previous Skitch document as PDF to be dragged into Evernote.
  10. @peterfmartin That's what I've been doing. Skitch however seems to handle the save in a different way, and keeps the annotated version in its own place rather than saving it in Evernote. I've just had a look at Skitch's save. The standard save says "Save to history" rather than just Save, so it is behaving differently from other apps.
  11. wow thanks for this idea! it works! I wish skitch or pdfpen pro can do this "save to exact EN note" feature. Is this the only app that can do this? or anyway i can configure skitch to this feature too? Do you mean that it saves an updated version of the PDF? If so PDFPen (both flavours) also saves an updated version of the file. I use that quite often to remove blank pages from notes scanned into Evernote. Skitch seems to save to another location - I've just tried annotating a PDF using Skitch. The Evernote copy of the PDF remained unchanged.
  12. What I do is to open the note I'm working on in a new window, find the note I wish to link to, and drag it to the destination note. Done! I use note links most days and find this, and the method mentioned by peterfmartin, to be the fastest.
  13. I usually get some response within 24 hours. At the moment it's over 60 hours so I am a bit surprised at hearing nothing - and I've checked the spam trap!
  14. This appears to have resolved itself. Maybe there was something corrupted at my end? I'm still waiting to hear from customer support :-( I'm used to a faster response as a premium user.
  15. I've noticed that Evernote on the Mac, Lion version, has failed to auto sync for over 24 hours. Anyone else have this issue? I've raised a ticket with support. I'm just curious whether any one else has noticed this issue.
  16. How about using the note linking facility to save your citation in a new note and link to it back in your paper?
  17. I too have been trying to go paperless. I scan all my papers into Evernote using a ScanSnap scanner which means they go straight to Evernote. I send a lot of e-mails to Evernote automatically, and print receipts etc. straight into Evernote as a PDF. I have a Notebook called _Inbox into which all notes are sent first. From there its a matter of a few moments once or twice a day to assign them to their proper place, and to tag as needed. Sadly, as I run a business I have to keep some of the papers I scan so I still have a working filing cabinet. Unlike Nico I have kept the printer as there are times when I need to print off papers. Usually when I create a handout for a presentation. I've found that for me the best way to keep the paper down is to scan and assign in Evernote regularly throughout the day.
  18. I have the same issue. And I have logged it with support.
  19. I have the same here. It does seem odd that there's a drop down for shared notebooks with none of those that you have shared appearing in it. Seems counter intuitive to me.
  20. Just thought it would be nice to publicly say that I find that Evernote is very fast now that the team have added the extra resources needed to cope with the additional new members and the SSL for all.
  21. I am no longer able to login from my iPad or iPhone :-( In the past when this has happened Evernote has said reinstall the apps and the issue goes away, but then I have to wait for ages while I reset all my locally held notebooks and the data is downloaded yet again meaning that I can't work with Evernote until all the files have been downloaded and I can get at the information I need. This is beginning to get really frustrating :-((
  22. Thanks for the link. Interestingly, just after the brief period of being unable to access Evernote, my desktop client updated and shows one of the missing e-mails - the first one. So there's hope the others will turn up. And as I typed this I got another synchronisation failure message... And can't synchronise from my iPad :-( Ho hum! I'm off to the cinema to watch The Tourist. I'll check back later.
  23. I've seen a status update that indicates they've added extra resources to help overcome the issues of syncing. Like you I am still missing e-mails that I sent yesterday - about 24 hours ago - but have received e-mails that were sent later. Not sure if that means the others will turn up eventually or whether I should write them off, and resend them. And it always seems to happen when you need to use the service: a bit like when you think you're going to be late arriving for a meeting but the traffic appears to be slow, or the train takes a long time at each station. It's not the end of the world, it just feels like it - or as someone once said, "It's not a matter of life and death, it's more important than that." Update: after posting this I couldn't access Evernote at all - not via desktop, browser or Terminal. Bother! Reminds me a bit of the problems Twitter had as it became more popular.
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