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  1. I switch to light mode, print the PDF, and then switch back to dark mode. That works for me.
  2. @Mike P, I hadn't.... Thanks. That was all I needed. (Palm hitting forehead) I had been clicking around the area for the format bar but not inside the note.
  3. UPDATE: I just needed to click inside the note. I just downloaded and installed 10.9.10-win-ddl-public (2439). What happened to the insert menu and menu bar at the top of note? I can't find any way to bring it back. Is there something obvious with the new release that I'm missing? See attached screen shot.
  4. @AdmiralP Odd. I'm running exact version you are. Just tried again on a new note and still can't create a non-bulleted line. Thanks for checking.
  5. I am unable to print a table as a PDF while in dark mode: Client using dark mode Create a table with default color of text. Table looks fine in the note editor. (see Editor.jpg) Print it as a PDF using either Microsoft or Adobe PDF print driver The text inside the table is blank. Only the table outline appears. Text for the title and any text outside the table appear as expected. (see either Dark mode screenshot.jpg or Test note - dark mode (Adobe).pdf) If, after creating the table and before printing, I switch to light mode: The note prints as expected
  6. In legacy client, I could create a bullet list and every press of Enter created a new bullet. If I used Shift+Enter, I would start a new line in the list without a bullet. I am unable to do this with the current client. The note editor does not give special treatment to Shift+Enter. It treats it the same as Enter and gives me a new bullet. Other testing: I plugged in a different keyboard and the problem still occurs. Started up my legacy client and I am able to use Shift+Enter as expected. I do notice that under the v10 client when cursor is positioned at an empty bul
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