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  1. I am using Evernote In Firefox 3.5.3 with the clipper addon installed I now find that my clip is added using a popup box and it is going to the web browser instead of the local file. I do not like the web interface at all, it is slow and clumsy and you have to type in tags manually (why?). How can I get evernote to forget there is a web except when it syncs? Thanks.
  2. I am a paying client of EN 2.2. I started using the beta due to the sync problems I was having with 2.2, and especially because I could retrieve ny database from anywhere (I use it for support purposes). however after using V3 for a bit I am now am coming to the conclusion that 2.2 is a better fit for me in terms of features. So now I have two questions: 1) Is syncing in 2.2 ever going to be developed any further to make it more user friendly and less buggy ? 2) Can I pull my V3 notes back into 2.2 ? 3) Is the plug being pulled on 2.2 ? Thanks
  3. In 2.2 when you entered a new note or edited an old one there was a button on the top of the note to add or remove categories/tags. That very convenient button is gone and now it requires either a three finger salute (ctrl-shift-T) or going to the menu. Will that button reappear? Please?
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