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  1. Since the update to Scannable 1.1: the auto rotating of my handwritten pages happens only 1 out of 20 times now, instead of almost every scan. So some improvement... Cheers.
  2. As an update to this unwanted rotation issue: The rotation happens only with my handwritten documents. I recently reported this to Evernote support. They were able to reproduce the upside down thing using a sample I provided them. They told me that they believe the next update may reduce or eliminate the frequency of the problem. And that future updates should eliminate it. So patience, and manual "un-rotating" until then! Cheers.
  3. I will make sure that I'm following the contrasting background. I've realized I haven't always done that, so thank you for that reminder. If I get another rotation I'll try to post it. My pages are 'portrait' and the text is handwriting. I'm afraid I don't understand "automatically rotates pages if it sees text in a language it recognizes." I don't know why it would rotate pages at all. Thank you both for replying. Sorry my response was so delayed.
  4. When scanning multiple handwritten pages into either JPGs or a single PDF, the app rotates, not all, but at least one or more pages. While I can fix these manually, I don't understand if I'm causing the rotation somehow, or if the rotation is a feature, um, "out of control." Using Scannable 1.0.1 IOS 8.1.3 on an iPhone 5s Thanks kindly for any advice!
  5. I prefer the option to set as either jpg or pdf. Often I need the jpg (even on multiple scans per note), and other times need the PDF (single or multiple). Otherwise, really like the ease of the app.
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