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  1. Thanks so much. All set now and ready for action.! /M
  2. I am also looking for this service. And it does work on the Mac: I have it as a reliable friend on my MBP. Now that I am getting ready to shift to a new Mac, I find that I do not remember how to activate this service: Choosing print command brings out the print dialogue. In the lower lefter corner there is a button named "PDF". Pressing it shows a bunch of options one of which is "save to evernote as pdf". Only on the new Mac it has not "appeared". I wish someone could remind me how to set it up, and help me get up to speed on the new machine. Thanks! Martin
  3. In my localised version, you cannot see the notebook the note belongs to anymore. It just says "Notebook" in the upper right corner (where it used to show the notebook name!). This happens in the main window (with list and selected note in view) and also in single note view. Also with Notes with a few tags, only the first two og three are shown. Even if the toolbar has ample space for more!?? Not too pretty.... Seems like bugs, that came with v. 6.12 beta 3. cheers, Martin
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