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  1. Files are ENML, no doubt. Never Heard or used Backuppery. I am now remembering that some time ago, more than one year, I did some experimental import/export between EN and OneNote. At that time nothing happened to my Windows file explorer structure, but perhaps the sync job I did yesterday was the cause of this behavior.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply. I have been using EN for 5 years at a very basic level and never tried to export anything and I know nothing about Enex, ENscript and similar stuff. To better explain what I have found, I attach a pdf file In the upper part, there is a screen shot of my EN structure on the left, while on the right. there is the structure of my Windows file explorer. You can see that in my "Hapimag" stack there are a number of Notebooks ( named Hapimag Amsterdam, etc...). The same name appears as folder in the file explorer structure, but I never made this operation and I still don't know how to do it. In the lower part of the pdf, there is a detail of one of my Notebooks with the its notes and you can see in the windows file explorer detail thatEvernote and Windows Folders.pdf my EN notes become windows folders. In this case, folders are empty, in other cases, there are inside pdf, ipg or ENML files. I repeat, I did nothing with EN app for windows or Android or Web. I only run a couple of backup and syncronisation software on all my HDD, where of course also EN data are stored. I have no real problem with what I have found because nothing was lost, but I would like to know how was possible to export EN notebook as Widows Folders. export that I thought was impossible. Thank you very much again for your assistance. Best Regards . Livio
  3. I am using EN on my Windows 10 PC and on my Android Phone and Tablet. Yesterday I was doing a lot of synchronization and back up work on my PC, nothing specially related to EN. At the end, I have found a lot of new folders in my windows document folders, all with name similar to my EN Notebooks. The content of these folders is similar to the content of EN Notebooks, but not completely: pdf and jpg are ok and there are a lot of ENML files, but not all I was expected to find. I did not know that there was a way to export EN Notebooks to Windows folder format and this a good feature, but I have no idea of how it did happen to me. Can you help me in understanding? Best Regards. Livio
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