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  1. Hi Evernote team, I just heard the great news about Evernote is getting a new note editor in the upcoming month. That's really cool and thanks for the hard work!! :-) Here is a UI revamp request: As you can see in this attached screenshot, can we merge these two separate toolbars (red and green area) and declutter the interface in future release? Thank you so much!
  2. I agree. I missed forward / backward buttons and the monthly usage meter.
  3. Please make it more flexible to resize the window of Evernote. Currently, if I hide the sidebar and choose "List View", the Evernote window is too wide for me. In addition, please provide an option to hide this toolbar: By the way, thank you for the public beta of Evernote 5 for Mac. I enjoyed testing it. :-)
  4. Thank you for the release. :-) Toolbar Icon bug appears when "Use Small Size" selected. Adam
  5. Hi guys, Evernote cannot find a keyword in a very long note. For example, I have a note contains 2000 lines of text. When the keyword exists within the 1500 lines, Evernote can find it properly. But when the keyword goes beyond 1500 lines, let's say in the 1700th line, then Evernote cannot find it. I tested Evernote for iPad, no problem. Thanks. Adam
  6. Hi, Evernote Team! Is it possible for Evernote to take advantage of the Location Services introduced in OS X Lion? I know Evernote for iOS has this kind of feature to get the location data automatically. Thank you! Adam
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