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  1. Dear cifip, Elsewhere in the forums, another Evernote employee, SoftwareMarcus, posted about the newest update to Evernote for Mac. One of the new features touted, is the ability to zoom text. For many years now, Evernote users have asked for the ability to scale (zoom) text, since the text size in iOS is so small. This post references the new ability to zoom images. So, please, how about zooming text? Tiny text inEvernote iOS is the ONLY thing about Evernote that frustrates (the %#@$ out of) me. Please let us zoom text in iOS.
  2. SoftwareMarcus, Wow! A response from Evernote! I've got the Mac beta, thank you. But the Mac's really not the problem. Text on the Mac is readable. iOS is where the Zoom feature is needed. Now that it's implemented on the Mac, will iOS get some love?
  3. The best I've found is to clip to Instapaper. (feedly allows this...) From there you can save to Evernote. All within iOS and without clutter. I like Feedly, but requiring Pro to save to Evernote is annoying. I already pay Evernote $5 a month. I'm reluctant to pay another $5 a month for a clipping service.
  4. iOS 7 has the option for system wide 'dynamic' text sizing. Options to make text larger has long been a user request. Perhaps we'll see this in a future update to Evernote?
  5. Horizontal list view provides the opportunity for more selectable and sortable columns. Vertical list view provides more room for the selected note. I can see a use for both. The mockup does indicate selectable columns for the vertical view, only , perhaps, not as many. For myself, I prefer the vertical view so long as i can select and view creation/modified dates. The ability to modify these dates is an important desktop feature and i like to be able to see them in list view.
  6. Jackolicious, So how do i 'un-delete' in the meantime?
  7. Thanks May, Another good reason I kept the old Evernote app. The feature is there but It doesn't work anymore at this point, since Evernote got updated to v5 and changed everything. Maybe it'll be fixed in an update.
  8. May, Where is this feature: 'there's a feature in Clever to open any note in Evernote app' Thanx
  9. Thanks Jackolicious. I know I'm piling on, but... A customizable toolbar is pretty basic, please bring it back. ALSO, we need to be able to drag and drop notes into tags. ALSO, on the iPad, please give us back the snippet view and sort by creation date.
  10. Thanks Jackolicious. I know I'm piling on, but... Dragging to tags is pretty basic, please bring it back. ALSO, we need the customizable toolbar with back/forward buttons etc. ALSO, on the iPad, please give us back the snippet view and sort by creation date.
  11. Favorites is the current feature for offline viewing. It has many obvious limitations. First among those limitations, for me, is the need to individually open a note on the iPhone and then select it as a favorite. It would be a big help if favorites were recognized and selectable on the web or desktop versions of Evernote. If I could select (or deselect) a number of notes on the desktop and set them as favorites I'd be very pleased. Oh, and a list view on the iPhone as well...
  12. I'm an enthusiastic user of Evernote. I'd hate to think that I was a pest. I realize that I only use a limited number of Evernote's features. I don't use Evernote for voice or images. I have other apps on my iPhone for that purpose. I primarily write text and clip web archives. I often use Instapaper to clip text and then copy it into a new Evernote note. For my purposes, your desktop and web applications are the best among all the notebook applications, but your iPhone app leaves me hoping for more. The two issues I have with the iPhone app are the space taken up by those thumbnails and the difficulty working with notes offline. I've tried tagging my text notes as favorites, but you can imagine what a pain that is. Perhaps if I could tag an entire notebook as favorites, or if I could select multiple notes in the desktop and tag them as favorites. It would be real help to be able to work favorites on the desktop (or the web). I know there are other notebook apps for the iPhone and I've tried (ie bought) most of them, but none of them are as effective on the desktop or the web as Evernote.
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