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  1. I cannot sign into my account which is required for paid support and the GOOGLE sign in is not responding. Can you please send me a reset password to my account. Thank you.
  2. Ellen, I still have not recieved a password reset. Anyway you can please help. Thanks, LK
  3. Im getting messages from YOU, but Im not getting email messages from evernote password reset. Thanks, LK
  4. Ellen, Thanks, but unfortunately Im not getting emails from evernote to this account. I searched ALL folders. I received your above reply and that is it. I need to have my password reset, but I am not getting any emails wookash@Hotmail.com from evernote. Thanks, LK
  5. Im a premium subscriber and I have posted 2 tickets about not recieving password resets to my email. (first one nearly two weeks ago) Email is verified. Im accessing my account via Google Sign on, but I cannot reset my password. This is really poor service. No replies at all.
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