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  1. Oh. Well it's more distracting now. Still want to get rid of it.
  2. Yeah, those aren't the bits I want to hide. See the attached file for a screenshot of what I want to hide - The bit that says 'Click to set URL' and the font toolbar. They weren't so obtrusive in old versions of evernote, now it's just distracting.
  3. How can I get ride of the extra toolbars that are now very intrusive in the latest version of Evernote? Between the note list and the note itself in the 3 pane view, there are 3 toolbars - Changing fonts, Click to Set URL and Set Tag and Edit the title and notebook. Can I get rid of these, they're just taking up loads of space and don't need them?
  4. On the ipod touch app and Evernote Desktop client for mac, when viewing a PDF with links in it, the links don't work - that is, you can't click on them. Can this be fixed? Cheers, Gavin.
  5. Strangely, when I click in the note and it brings up the keyboard, I can then scroll to the bottom.
  6. Using the Evernote app on my ipod touch. I can view a reasonable length note, but when I edit it (it's only text), I can only scroll about 3/4 of the way down. Scrolling further reveals more text but as soon as I let go, the screen bounces back as if I'd already reached the bottom and was trying to go further. Seen it on a couple of notes now. Cheers, Gavin.
  7. Is there a limit on the number of favourite notes I can have synced to be offline on the iphone/ipod touch? I've marked a few and this works fine, now I want all my notes synced for offline viewing, editing, re-organisation. Cheers, Gavin.
  8. Evernote inserts 5 spaces when tab is pressed, rather than a tab stop. How can I make it actually insert a tab? Cheers, Gavin.
  9. Currently we can import PDFs, jpegs, text, web pages etc. I'm using evernote more and more for storing important documents. Unfortunately, they come in things like Word format, or Excel spreadsheets, which I can't put into Evernote. Now, searching and editing these is obviously a major project, and might not even be feasible in Evernote. But, just having them in Evernote as a central file repository would be handy. Any chance of this? The way that current PDFs are handled would be fine for me (as a mac user). I guess I could print each document to PDF and import that into Evernote, but it's time consuming and the file sizes can quickly become sizable. I could save my important word and excel documents to some file sharing / backup system, but I'd much rather have _everything_ in Evernote - it's really becoming the way I organise my work and life. With documents in Evernote, I know they're safe and accessible if something happens to my main machine.
  10. Couldn't you put your own editor into the iPhone app?
  11. Does the evernote iPhone app allow you to edit existing notes?
  12. There's no 'edit note' option. The mobile web version of evernote is useless as you can't edit existing notes.
  13. Any chance of a bug tracking system? I've submitted about a dozen defects and suggestions. A few of the defects I've seen actively fixed in the updates (Thank you!), but some didn't make the release. Would you like us to re-submit the bug again? It would be nice to see a list of bugs that I've submitted so I can expand / refine on them and not submit duplicates.
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