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  1. Hi I have been a user of Evernote pretty much since version 1 and use off and on. I have three major annoyances that stop me from using it as my main notes program. 1. I used to clip web pages into my Evernote, but now use Pocket. The reason I stopped was that when I searched for a note, I could never find what i was looking for as it returned the 100's of clipped notes with some related terms. What I really want is that you can create a folder say called "Clipped Pages", with subfolders if required. In settings you can add folders or subfolders to an ignore list for searching so that whole folder will not be searched by default unless in the search box you reference that folder for search (ignore the ignore if that makes sense) 2. Along the lines of the above, I have would like the ability to archive notes. I have something like 3000 notes in Evernote from over the years, i have come pretty close to just deleting the lot and starting again, but I know that at some point I am going to need something that is in there. Anything in archive does not show up in search. Means i can archive off old meeting notes etc which unlikely to ever need again, but maybe required in future from legal point etc. 3. And I realize this is unlikely to happen - but day to day i use NoteFile. The reason is its a quick menu item icon by the clock that I click on and instantly can make a quick note. I know I can do that in Mac with the Evernote elephant icon in the menu bar but it can only save one note. What I would like is a mini evernote directly from Menu bar that lists just your favorite notes, or selected notes you use day to day (ToDo, Quick Meeting, etc) and so you don't have to run the main Evernote program which at times is just too overloaded. Hoping the devs are reading :-) Thanks for Evernote, it is a great program and pleased you are going back to basics.
  2. I am using Evernote to track all my usual notes, meetings etc. However, I have also started to use Evernote to track URL's via Clearly. The problem I am having is when search for things, it looks finding terms in all the notes I have saved as something to read later. All of these notes are in one notebook and Clearly always saves to that notebook. Really want the search function to ignore that Notebook and only search on everything else. I realise I can do that by changing the search box, but then need to do it every time. Any other way ? Paul
  3. Hi Using the latest version of Evernote (5.0.7), I merged about 15 notes into one note and when it had finished the completed note was blank. The notes are not in deleted, and if I go to the web interface and look at history it says it is new and no pervious versions. Have I lost all my data ? :-( I have merged notes before without issue, so no idea why this has happened this time. Thanks
  4. Hi I am using the Web Clipper on Chrome, however and have the password save option selected. However if I clear my cache then the password is lost, and have to login again. Its a pain :-) This does not happen with Evernote Clearly - and so wondering if you can make the clipper work like Clearly ? I tend to clip everything with Clearly just because of this problem, which is not ideal. Thanks
  5. Hi I am not sure if its best on here, but wanted to make a feature request for the web clipper. I use Evernote to capture websites as part of a research task. So I might go and look for lots of companies about X, and then keep clipping them. However at the moment, each clip is a note. Could you make it so each clip went into a note, rather then create a new note each time. Also if you do this, then you dont need to add notes, tags erc each time, so much quicker to clip many websites into a page. Also with the webclipper it tends to clip the URL name and not the URL itself, I know you can click on it in Evernote but would be much more useful if it was URL name AND real URL in evernote. Thanks
  6. I have been using Evernote for about six months now and I have had the same problem. I am using latest versions on 1 x Windows / 2 x MacOS / 1 x iPhone 4. I have not worked out what causes this yet. I have some weird feeling its Sync related, so if I edit he encypted note on windows, and use my Mac its causes the blank lines to be put in but I cannot be 100% sure on that. Would like it fixed as drives me mad!
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