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  1. So... in the meantime...jbignert no ETA on how quickly this can get resolved? It's a bad time of year for bugs 'n' fixes (holidays and all)... so, should we see something in 2012... or wait until sometime next year in 2013? Let me throw a monkey wrench into this as well.... I have this issue with Firefox 17.0.1 .... my work-around is to use IE <shudder> ... but now, THAT occasionally fails (occassionally works, too), so I can't come up with consistantcy between what I'm attempting to clip. It's now just "let's see what we get THIS time".... a bit frustrating. Hope you understnd the frustration.
  2. Oo0Bailey0oO: Check Tools -> Clipping Preferences and the box labeled Do not show "New Clip" dialog should be unchecked to give you that dialog box that allows you to pick the notebook and tags.
  3. Just not consistant at all... Most times getting NO images, sometimes getting SOME. I can tell you that by installing Skitch, nothing changed. A sample URL would be http://lifehacker.co...ff-this-weekend I selected the top image and the body of the article through the line "Have a happy sun-filled weekend (even if it's winter time)!" and pressed the Evernote button on the toolbar When doing so, the note that got captured had the top image http://img.gawkerass...pg/original.jpg but did not have the two smaller images in the article http://img.gawkerass...qjpg/medium.jpg and http://img.gawkerass...mjpg/medium.jpg Now, I have no idea if this would help or not, but the page source for the image that did get copied is: <div class="Add Solar Power to All Your Stuff This Weekend"> <img src="http://img.gawkerass...jpg"width="360" title="Add Solar Power to All Your Stuff This Weekend" class="http://img.gawkerass...jpg/medium.jpg" width="image_0 v10_medium" alt="Add Solar Power to All Your Stuff This Weekend" /> The images that didn't get copied into the note are: <img src="http://img.gawkerass...jpg/medium.jpg" width="image_1 right v10_medium" alt="Add Solar Power to All Your Stuff This Weekend" /> and <img src="http://img.gawkerass...jpg/medium.jpg" width="image_2 right v10_medium" alt="Add Solar Power to All Your Stuff This Weekend" />
  4. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Firefox 17.0 Evernote Web Clipper 5.4 Evernote (267980) Public When clipping, using either the selected text or clipping the entire page, embedded images do not get captured in a note. It also seems a bit inconsistant: some pages/selections clip fine, others don't. I have seen similar items posted here, but they are either old and do not have replies or the configuration doesn't match (Chrome instead of Firefox, etc.) Known bug or installation issue? Need any additional info?
  5. Dave - There appears to be two parts that we - the portion of the user community that are notorious pack rats that wish to store as many of our memories as possible - would like to know... somehow.... and I believe that if we had just a feeling for each of these (without any carved-in-stone promises that we as preview users should never assume would be taken as an unbreakable promise): When: By any chance can you give a "rough" "ballpark" "WAG" as to when we could possibly see the increase in quota? Q2? Q3? Q4? 2009? How much: By any chance can you give - in general terms - what kinds of storage sizes we could expect and what you would like to "blue sky" as what you are trying to shoot for? Mb? Gb? Tb? and perhaps, what you would foresee as free/premium possibilities? (Again, we realize that perhaps the business model for this isn't exactly ready for the growth that we may be pushing) Again, nothing that Evernote should be held to... when you are addicted to the concept of the product and the potential it has... and you hit that 100Mb quota quickly... you want to get a feel for directions before you go out and register multiple accounts and spread your notes across them just to get around the quota limit just because you start feeling itchy... and you NEED the the information... and you want it sync'd and accessible.
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