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  1. I don't need a full text editor or word processor - I've got those. What I want is to stay inside the EN environment for most idea capturing/note taking/meeting documentation/etc. tasks and not have to hack around what is a very old text editor implementation (I used to have EN before it is the app it has become, and I can't remember the text editor being great back then either.) In fact, until EN 4, I had basically abandoned it because it was so frustrating. I'm back now because of the better search abilities and organizational capabilities. Also - the web clipper is awesome on Chrome now
  2. I'm piling on to the "me toos" here, and I have deep faith in EN, so I'm praying that as we begin to approach mid-October, this stays alive and some additional hints are forthcoming around a fix!
  3. +1 I have this problem with Evernote and Outlook 2013 and have had it for several versions back of both products. So annoying. Almost as annoying as pasting a bulleted list within Evernote getting the double-bullet on the first line issue I've also been reading about! Anybody want Evernote to slow down on the interface changes and fix the text editor, which is still leagues behind OneNote (dynamic tables, anyone?) At least make it paste verbatim between apps. There's gotta be a standard RTF control, right? I LOVE EN, but miss the sweetness of OneNote's text editing capabilit
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