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  1. Right on...the problem lies all over. I've had tickets opened left and right for this. iOS, Windows, Mac - doesn't matter. I'll have it beautifully formatted, and then (for example) someone with their Windows client will open the note. As soon as they do and make any change whatsoever (not even to the code; just putting a character anywhere) it screws up the code formatting and the note will "break" and data gets lost. It stinks. I usually use something else 3rd-party-wise and link it in the note, so everything doesn't get screwed up when people view my notes containing code block.
  2. Sure. I sent the videos to EN support and have 2 tickets opened for these. How I can reproduce this on my own device is as follows: (2 issues) Sync (without error) Open example note with code-block formatting enabled Paste any string of text inside of code block-formatted area Sync (without error) while in the note Switch to any other note Come back to existing note and all changes are gone and note has reverted back to previous state, prior to text paste Next issue: Sync (without error) Right-click any note and copy note link (like you
  3. Anyone experiencing data loss on the beta? I have, and it's reproduceable. I'm opening a ticket with EN so they can examine it. Figured I'd mention it in case anyone is looking to update. Yes, aware of the risks of the beta; just mentioning the fact that I'm seeing data loss on notes.
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