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  1. That worked. I have no idea why that worked. It's not at all intuitive and I can't see how "syncing in the background" has anything to do with keeping the system tray clipping function open when the program is closed. But it worked. So, who cares? LOL Thank you so much! --Gayze
  2. I am simply clicking the X to exit Evernote desktop client. I'm not shutting it down totally as you describe. It is when I click the X that the above scenario occurs. I have submitted a ticket (as mentioned above) but have had no response from support. Thanks. --Gayle
  3. The screen clipper is the one I need and which is shutting down when Evernote closes. I don't use the browser one at all, but the need the clipping and screen shot function of the one that resides in the system tray all the time. Perhaps I put the question in the wrong topic...but it was the only "clipping" topic I could find on the boards. Until the most recent Evernote update, I could shut down the main program, the clipper would remain open in the system tray, and I could continue to clip as I needed without the main program running. Now, as seen in the first note above, the error is coming up whenever I close the main program, and if I click "OK", system tray clipping function is disabled. This rather defeats the purpose of having a clipper that resides in the system tray at all. If I click "cancel", Evernote still closes, and the clipper remains available in the system tray. At the least, it seems the programmers should fix that error message to correctly portray what is actually happening. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I'm using the Desktop version for Windows on Win 8.1 rather than that horrible, dumbed-down "app" that resides in the ridiculous cell-phone screen "start page" (that I never use, either). LOL
  4. Thanks, I've just opened a ticket. I wonder if it's an unusual case of using the desktop version on windows 8.1.
  5. My primary browser is Chrome but I also have Firefox and IE installed (though never clip from them and rarely even open them; I only ever use them to check websites I work on for browser inconsistencies). However, it is the act of closing the desktop program that brings up the error message every time, and the behavior is 100% consistent as described above. This happens regardless of whether Chrome has been open or not.
  6. When running the latest version of Evernote for Windows desktop version (using Windows 8.1 but I hate the "app" version made just for this OS, so went back to using regular Evernote), I'm seeing a change in regards to the program and the Web Clipper. The WebClipper loads when Windows opens as usual, as I want it to do (I do a lot of clipping from the web). Then, I open Evernote, and use it normally. However, when I then close the program, I get the error message in the subject line. I do not want the WebClipper/clipping functionality to cease just because the program itself is not running. I've always been able to clip without having the program open in the past. If I click OK on that pop up message, the Web Clipper/background clipping operation does indeed close and I can no longer clip anything until I re-open Evernote. If I click Cancel, however, Evernote closes normally BUT the icon in the status tray and the clipper remain open and working. The message is very confusing. Is there a way to disable it? Gayze
  7. I've been trying to get this update situation resolved since Christmas Day. The Nook HD+ keeps telling me Evernote has an update, and it goes through the same thing ... downloads the update and when I try to install it I'm told that Nook will only install apps bought through the Nook app store (which, of course, is where I downloaded Evernote in the first place). A lengthy session with Barnes and Noble customer support finally pointed to Evernote, saying that the problem is with the programmers and they need to repair it, it's not B&N's job to do that. Now I'm hearing the opposite, that all B&N has to do is update the app in their store?? I've just now (Jan 8th) sent Evernote to the cloud and redownloaded it, and it is still the same version I downloaded on the 25th of December, for which I've been receiving an update notice every day. LOL, just how slow IS Barnes and Noble?? Can't someone at Evernote Central light a fire under their seat or something? :-) Love my Evernote, can't live without it! --Gayze
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