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  1. (Archived) Questions for ScanSnap users

    Found a deal I couldn't pass up... the iX500 for basically S1500 price. $440 (with shipping - it's $431 something plus $9 something shipping) at provantage.com Amazon sells it for some $36 more. At that price I decided that the decision had been made for me. I'm a catastrophic procrastinator and have BOXES of paperwork that is labeled (TO BE SCANNED) that I would realistically NEVER have gotten to with my flatbed. Based on bduncan's review and fujitsu's specs it seems that the IX500 will help me dispatch the backlog in probably less than half the time an S1300i would (especially considering OCR) ... and that's time I can spend on other home projects, or with my children. Worth the premium. Also hoping that the psychological impact of having spent nearly HALF A GRAND on a scanner will make it more likely that I keep up with the paperless office Again, thank you for your very useful feedback... and bduncan I wish I could have hooked you up with the AMZ referral but the savings with provantage were too much to pass up
  2. (Archived) Questions for ScanSnap users

    Very interesting review! If I decide to go with the higher level model then the ix500 seems like a no-brainer especially to get the apparently improved feeder and the faster speed. I'm trying to determine whether my needs justify spending the price premium required to go from the 1300 to the 1500/ix500
  3. (Archived) Questions for ScanSnap users

    Gazumped, bduncan thank you very much for your feedback. It sounds like all in all the product will fit my needs, with minimal "bending" on my part. I can live with that. I'll research the new model mentioned and make a decision. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!!!
  4. (Archived) Questions for ScanSnap users

    bduncan, thank you so much for taking the time! Two quick follow-ups if you don't mind: 1. Let's say I set up several profiles for different purposes (I'm hoping those are either unlimited, or that there are at least 4-5 ... which should cover my needs) let's say I'm about to scan a bunch of financial documents, can I set one of those profiles to be the default so that the scanner will respond to every press of the button by asking me for a filename and then save the PDF to the current directory? 2. If you do choose to save a PDF will the software let you change the destination for the file? For instance I have a folder under my documents called "Filing Cabinet" ... under that folder I have one called "FPL" ... if I scan my electric bill and pick "Scan to file cabinet" profile... will I easily be able to drill from the "filing cabinet" folder into the FPL folder to save my pdf there? Moreover is it smart about this... remembering the last location I scanned to? So say I put another document in and press the scan button... will it ask me for a file name and default to save it to the FPL folder.... of course allowing me to change that? Thanks a lot!!!!
  5. I'm looking to buy a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner (undecided between S1300 and S1500). I have the following questions for current users: 1. is it possible to use the ADF to either scan multiple SEPARATE documents or one MULTI-PAGE document? I would expect to be able to pick what mode I'm in and if I pick "Multipage double sided doc" the scanner will scan all the pages in the feeder and return one document ... if I pick "Single page single sided doc" the scanner will return a bunch of separate files." Can that be done? 2. I will want to scan certain stuff straight into evernote. Other stuff such as financials I want to be prompted for a location and filename and store a PDF in the location and NOT have the stuff in Evernote. I assume that again I'd be able to pick a "profile" of sorts to do this. Is that correct? 3. The scanner has blank page detection. Will it detect a notebook page with lines on it but no text to be a blank page to eliminate? If it can't... can I have a profile that says "multipage double side document" and one that says "multipage single side" that I can use for my notepad scanning so that I don't scan the ALWAYS blank backside? Thanks! Oh a bonus question. I know someone with an S1500 and he says he can add more pages as the scanner does it's thing. Can this ALSO be done with the S1300? If you're willing to babysit it, by adding more pages when it gets close to can you scan a 30 page document in one swoop with the S1300?