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  1. Dave - any word on how the re-assessment is progressing? I'm hoping it hasn't been completley overshadowed by iPad development! Can I also throw the Digital Ink notes into the mix for the N97. The touchscreen interface with the stylus is made for that sort of thing. Cheers, D
  2. Thanks Julie, that did the trick. Mods, perhaps you could put that link in the first post for each release with a note that it's needed?
  3. In the New Note screen, are the "Snapshot" and "Audio" buttons not yet implemented? They do nothing on my N97 while the "Text" and "File" work fine?
  4. Haven't had a chance to install this on my N97 - looking forward to trying it in the next day or two. Us Symbian users really are the ***** son of mobile OS's given it's practical non-existence in the American market. Firstly, a WGZ file is in fact a renamed ZIP file. Change the .WGZ extension to .ZIP and it is a valid zip file. This is why some people are getting confused. Note that you don't need to unzip a WGZ file or do anything else with it - the Ovi Suite installer will do everything it needs to get the widget on your phone. Secondly, is this beta app in any way related to this one - http://spanishgringo.blogspot.com? -D
  5. It's mind boggling that Evernote doesn't have a Symbian client. Everyone should try spanishgringo's app above seeing as Evernote developers aren't going to come to the party (they should be very thankful to him as without that I would have walked away from Evernote altogether and tried something else).
  6. What do you mean? EN3 was already there when you posted your rant on Saturday. If you had of put as much time into testing the feature you were complaining about (a major design one at that) as you did posting that comment you would have seen that you can quite happily work offline with all your data using the client. Try the feature you want first, then read the help and FAQs if it isn't there, THEN post a thread here asking how to do it or why it's not there. Otherwise all the good suggestions and comments for Evernote (the wheat) are going to be lost amongst all the speculation and laziness (the chaff).-CD
  7. I get the same issue, and am at work behind a firewall, however mine is intermittent. I'll get this on one sync: 8:40 0% Authenticating user "**********" 08:40 0% Connecting to preview.evernote.com 08:40 0% TException: EDAM processing error: Message length exceeded: 842294373 08:40 0% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 1s But then hit F9 and it works ok. I have no access to the firewall or its access rules though. -CD
  8. Then you would have inconsistency in notebooks as you would have the notebook available everywhere (synced with the service) but notes would drop in and out depending on what PC you were using and what was tagged as private for that PC. A mess.A question I have for the EN3 guys - is it possible to transfer local notebooks? E.g. I know I'm getting a new PC and I want to transfer my sensitive local notebook to the new machine. Is there a nice wasy way to do this? Is it achieved with the Export option? -CD
  9. Doesn't EN3 already do this (auto sync)?Thanks dengberg - I was looking for the way EN3 distinguishes data to be uploaded, and local only data, and was hoping this was at a notebook level. An example of how I plan to use this is that I use EN3 at work and want a notebook per client where I can clip client related info - both private emails and/or even generic web based. I want these client notebooks to be local to my work PC only. Then I have notebooks for things that I want to access at home too and aren't sensitive or work related. Looks like I'll be able to do this. Looking forward to the visual differentiation of them too. -CD
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