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  1. This seems to have solved my problem as well. I am on 64-bit Windows 7. It took a little while to find a 64-bit version of Firefox, but apparently that's because it isn't formally released yet. Using the Firefox "Nightly" build allows the Evernote Web Clipper to work. You can get that here: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/firefox/prerelease.html Of course, a prerelease browser brings its own headaches. It would be nice if the Clipper worked on the 32-bit release.
  2. For the last week or so, the Firefox web clipper loads fine (no spinning, no authentication issue) in FF18.0.1, but if I try to save anything, I get a generic error "Cannot create. Unspecified error". I've tried switching from saving to Web to saving to Desktop. Cleared cache a minute ago; no luck. Upgraded desktop client to latest GA this morning. No changes. Interestingly enough, I can save to Evernote fine with Clearly. The Chrome clipper also works well. Windows 7 Home Premium. Any advice much appreciated.
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