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  1. Oh man, I thought I had it bad when it took 2-3 seconds for Evernote to decide if I was checking a checkbox in my grocery list or if I was trying to edit the note.
  2. You CAN do this with some fancy search syntax: todo:true will return all notes containing a checkbox that is checked. todo:false will find notes containing a checkbox that is not checked. todo:*will return notes containing a checkbox, regardless of whether or not it is checked. You can read more about this and much, much more at http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php
  3. A further annoyance: when you upgrade, it marks previously-viewed announcements as unread, forcing one to do it all over again. That's pretty obnoxious.
  4. Just checked and sure enough, it's working beautifully - and just in time for me to demo it - good work!
  5. Confirmed, a reinstall fixed this for me on my iphone 4s as well; signing out/in didn't work, fiddling with notebook settings didn't work, none of it.
  6. Still having the issue with no external monitor attached, but seem like the build is at fault, not my ride. Now, if I could just get ios evernote to sync my derned notes when told....
  7. Seems like the announcement jumped the gun, I just was able to get it a few minutes ago. However, in presentation mode I get a small (not full-screen) window that's blank, and while I can right click and get a "reload" option it fails to load any information, in a new or an existing note. (I have 3 monitors, I will test again with them disconnected.)
  8. I reckon more people would use markdown if it was available.
  9. Thanks for the link and the response, gbarry, I think it'll please the masses to know you're seeing this.
  10. Have to agree with you here - this is the sort of thing that makes me stop doing business with a company, I hate it when they remove features. It's bad business and whoever thought this was a good idea should be ashamed. I hate to be a drama queen about it, but you all are quite right, the silence from Evernote is as bad as the app. I'd be happy to see a "we're sorry, we messed up, here's the old version back and we're going to the drawing board." Does Evernote utilize community beta testers for Skitch? Maybe it's time....
  11. I know there's a lot of folks upset by this upgrade, and I agree. Skitch was fairly elegant if crowded in its interface before, now it's just...clunky. More steps to do the same tasks as before, no menubar option, stuff like that. Removing functions is a pet peeve of mine, and this was done in spades in the 2.0 release I've been a supporter of Evernote and Skitch for a good long while, and I agree that this is really disappointing.
  12. I would use the heck out of this feature, and it could solve the "it takes too long to create a new note on iOS so I use another app" conundrum. App url hooks seem like a no-brainer here.
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