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  1. Hi, In case anyone else is experiencing this, I found that uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote (followed by agreeing to background use and notifications) has fixed the issue.
  2. Hi, Apologies if I'm missing something obvious but since upgrading to iOS 13 I've stopped receiving reminder alerts. When I check the notification section of Settings I can't even find Evernote. Has anything changed that I need to fix or am I looking at a reinstall, or is this known to be broken and I have to live with it for now? Thanks in advance for any advice
  3. I love the comment about food apps and social stuff (I would have put it into a quote but this forum didn't allow me). I have been thinking and wanting to come back to EN from OneNote, and even bought a year's subscription for some of the really cool features that are on the Windows Phone client. I'm the fool, however, because I'm getting the feeling that EN just doesn't like anything that's to do with Microsoft - it's simply not Coffee-shop, hipster trendy cool (buy our expensive Moleskine coffe-cup rucksack book wrap business card holder) enough. I wouldn't be surprised if there was an in-office process at EN where instead of written warnings as part of the disciplinary procedures for poor performance, someone will be made to work on the Windows Phone version of EN, or, instead of a final written warning, EN for Touch. I do like EN (or I wouldn't have paid another SUB after being away for a while), but I really don't think that EN likes me.
  4. Thank you. I really appreciate your help
  5. I do feel very stupid asking this question.... how do I search my notes in Evernote Touch for Windows 8? I'm on RT and so don't have the option for the desktop version.
  6. With regard to the selective sync, can I add an Amen! Yes! Please! Indeed! Why Not!? and Yes (did I already said that?) Honestly, this really is an important function that would make a mahoosive difference to the way I use Evernote at work and at home.
  7. Adding a calendar entry as a note title is SMART!
  8. Using my Galaxy S2 at home, I find that it periodically fails to sync for a few hours at a time, saying that it is unable to find a route to host. If I leave it overnight, it very often manages to sync at some point, but the unreliability of the connection to the server is frustrating. While I'm unable to sync, other internet services on the phone work fine through my WiFi, so it is only the Evernote software that is acting like this. Does anyone have any ideas?
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