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  1. Hi, In case anyone else is experiencing this, I found that uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote (followed by agreeing to background use and notifications) has fixed the issue.
  2. Hi, Apologies if I'm missing something obvious but since upgrading to iOS 13 I've stopped receiving reminder alerts. When I check the notification section of Settings I can't even find Evernote. Has anything changed that I need to fix or am I looking at a reinstall, or is this known to be broken and I have to live with it for now? Thanks in advance for any advice
  3. With regard to the selective sync, can I add an Amen! Yes! Please! Indeed! Why Not!? and Yes (did I already said that?) Honestly, this really is an important function that would make a mahoosive difference to the way I use Evernote at work and at home.
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