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  1. Well, I've just started my migration from EN to OneNote 2010. I have my gripes about certain features or lack, but it works. I have just had it with the de-evolution of Evernote. I loved 2.0 and had hoped that it would grow from that point, but instead it has lost most of what attracted me to it. Maybe I will give it another try in the years to come, but I want to see if OneNote will be a better overall experience. Ciao for now. John
  2. I have been a failthful EN user for some time. I love using 2.2 and even dabbled in creating my own templates now and again. I jumped at the chance to use 3.0 and was shocked at what is missing. The things I want to see back in the product are: [*]Tag rules [*]Custom templates (I created many "forms" for certain kinds of information) [*]A custom template editor (for the aforementioned custom templates) [*]Auto tagging parent tags when a child tag is added to a note [*]This is a small thing, but when I create a new tag and intend it to be a child of an existing tag, I should be able to right click on the parent and have the child relationship automatically established when the new tag is created. Now I have to create it and then move it under the proper parent tag. I have been giving serious thought to see if I could get what I need out of ZuluPad. I like the wiki paradigm, but until the support full HTML and allow the creation of forms, it probably won't cut it either.
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