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  1. Having just completed the importing of my delicious bookmarks into Evernote3 (all 700 plus of them, tags and all), I have suddenly seen the value of hierarchical tags! Each bookmark has one or more tags. To be able to group these tags into a hierarchical structure is a joy. Long live hierarchical tags!
  2. Which versions of windows will run the portable version of Beta3? Will a Win2K system run the portable app set up by WindowsXP on a USB?
  3. Thanks again for very speedy response. Pleased to report that uninstall and reinstall of both versions has worked. I now have use of both V2 and 3 Beta in parallel. Great result! It may help to know that my original install was not to default folders but to my own custom folders. I think this is what caused problems. Anyway alls well that ends well, I can now use two great programs and wait to see which one suits best. I may well end up using both. Why not! Thanks again for help.
  4. Thanks for response. However the 3 Beta install appears to have replaced or upgraded the files in the original Evernote folder. The only .exe file there is the one that runs the 3 Beta app. When I ran the 3 install it did say that it had located a previous version and then installed itself to the original folder. Perhaps I should uninstall everything and start again?
  5. The Evernote team advises using 3 Beta "in parallel" with previous versions (2.2 in my case). How do you do this? After installing the Beta my 2.2 version has gone, presumably upgraded. How can I get it back. Reinstalling it does not appear to work. Am I missing something?
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