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  1. For what's it's worth I would love to see this same feature implemented within Evernote. If was a requirement of the pro version that would be fine. I also do searches for topics that are in PDFs that could be 10's (if not 100's) of pages and so having it jump to the first instance of the PDF in the solution view would be a big help.
  2. I admittedly have not thought this fully through, but I was thinking it would be a nice feature to be able to create links within the Evernote database between notes. For example I often use this for work and take notes about a particular project at many different times. I tag all of those projects with a common tag of course, but in one note there may be a reference to something I covered in another note that may be in an entirely different project. A simple hyperlink between the two could be a good way of jumping back to the reference note if needed. As I said it's a basic idea and not fully thought out as far as it's usefulness, but I think it could have potential. The technical aspects could be difficult. Not sure.
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