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  1. I did a quick search and could not find this suggestion before so here goes: I wonder if the OCR process can be made to read highlighted text (maybe just of one specific configurable, calibratable color) and automatically assign those as tags for the note. Possibly even have a way to assign a title, say first text it finds that is highlighted and underlined. Thanks for reading.
  2. Same / similar problem here - I wrote a simple apple script to insert a file as a note in a specified folder and it always returns an error message: tell application "Evernote" create note title "Note 4" from file "/Users/Raj/Documents/ipscreenshot1.jpg" --> missing value end tell tell current application beep 1 end tell Here is the script: tell application "Evernote" -- create notes, four ways -- 1: with plain text try set notebook1 to "Auto Import" --create note title "Note 2" with text "Here is my new text note" notebook notebook1 -- 4: with the data from a file set newnote to create note title "Note 4" from file "/Users/Raj/Documents/ipscreenshot1.jpg" --notebook notebook1 on error error_message number error_number if the error_number is not equal to 0 then --equal to 4 then -- The file being imported is not supported set userCanceled to false try display dialog "Your Evernote account does not support the import of this type of file. Why not consider upgrading?" buttons {"Cancel", "Go Premium"} default button "Cancel" cancel button "Cancel" with icon caution on error number -128 set userCanceled to true end try else -- Unspecified failure display alert "Import into Evernote failed" message "Error(" & error_number & "): " & error_message as warning end if end try end tell Please help and thanks in advance.
  3. I have the same issue; I cannot gt my WIndows client to connect; tested and can connect fine from IE7. Please advise. What about that special patch you mentioned a few posts back? I am really eager to get started.
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