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  1. I have auto-updates turned off on my LG android phone; thankfully EN forces no updates. I'm running a VERY stable v8. Now, I turn to calculating how I can live with 2 EN devices, letting me drop my premium level, since I can't exploit new task and calendar features in v8. (I started EN in 2008 and premium since 2010.)
  2. PREMIUM User since 2008. So I've sunk close to a grand into this EN-deavor. Bail out on 10x, revert to com.evernote.google-play. dot APK (google where to download the APK or find it elsewhere in this forum. It seems - for some days - EN provided it, and then stopped.) EN v10 android is an acute disaster. As is their newer PC platform. as was Woke Coke (and its New Coke predecessor). I sense noble intentions but inept, outsourced implementation relying on shoddy, disinterested partner tech firms' support. /rant off
  3. Shanga did updates fix this for you? It's May and I still cannot attach photos. Clarification: If I uninstall the current ap and reinstall, I can attach (or share) exactly ONE photo to one note. After that, all attempts are perpetual spinnin' . . . . it hangs forever! 😞 Phone is LG Harmony 4.
  4. Next, they'll insert ads for non-premium users. . . we know how this goes . . . ads based on note contents. . .
  5. Yes, this is high on my growing list of sad surprises in this clunky new update. Each scan builds a new useless notebook, and each note has the redundant folder location. Fix and notify this premium user before he bails!
  6. RE "I"m thinking I'll do a fresh install of Windows and then get my programs (including EN, to stay on topic) on there while everything else stays on the conventional hard drive. That seems to be the optimal way to go." I'd encourage all to try the Oct 26, 2014 solution, which worked for me after a couple years' frustration with "not responding." FWIW a few months later I got SSD and notice EN searches go LIGHTNING fast! I value EN's search abilities as it's top feature, so this is a big plus.
  7. Watching this closely . . my EN woes started kinda, sorta, about the time I plunged into Chrome use.
  8. verbatim dittos from me. Thanks for the hot tip. Time for me to rev up one note on my PC and sync all with my android and iPad. The "not responding" still locks things up for 30 seconds to two minutes with every use, multiple times over every 15-minute session. Not to mention the thrice-weekly program crash. Sorta takes all the fun out of the $49 per year expenditure.
  9. Same story here. QUESTION: Has anybody come across a speedy, sensible way to track down possible offending "corrupt" notes and purge them? I may have *six* such notes on WinPC. (online, Android and iPad all have 8170 notes but on Windows version I have 8176 including six bad guys. ) uninstalling / purging / regEtit / yadayada bring no joy.
  10. I reverted back, as well. Seemed to be better for a little while and then the same old problems arose. Really frustrating. Me three! I have a low threshold for "not responding" so I have reverted to v4.6xxxxx (couldn't find 4.7 anywhere in a pinch) and things are speeding along like WinXP. functional if not fancy.
  11. I certainly fit into this category and about to move into the post-tipping-point category. I'm a drive-by geek and Premium Subscriber who suspects the "not responding" on Win7 comes from indexing and using the web version, android and ipad. Since one of EN's marketing pillars is cross-platform congruence, they'd be wise to fix this and preserve their $49 subscriptions. there will be ship juimpers.
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