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  1. Saw a great speaker years ago - Guy Kawasaki - who covered this subject in one of his books (Rules for Refolutionaries?). To paraphrase - you can make the greatest widget in the world, but if no one wants it, your doomed. If your customers are asking for specific features / enhancements and you refuse to give it to them, someone else will build it and happily sell it to them.
  2. Personally I stopped using 3.0 after just 3 days, and went back to 2.2. I was getting annoyed with the feel of 3.0 and having to jump thru hoops to use the tags. I'm not a veteran EN user, but from what I'm reading in blogs and forums, it seems like EN is going down a direction that they think will be cool, not what their users are asking for. /shrug .. I could be wrong though
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