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  1. I need to add my to cents to this discussion. As i see it, EverNote 3 is severely flawed in its current state. Here's my reason why. Off line processing of OCR. I think I understand why this is being done. Portable devices don't have the processing power to make it feasible to do locally so to make EverNote accessible everywhere the decision to process centrally was made. Unfortunately this is also a key drawback to the data in the cloud model because in order for the centralized processing to occur the data cannot be encrypted. How can their servers decrypt my images to OCR them without my encryption key? If local OCR processing could be returned to the desktops, then the data could be encrypted across the wire and stored in an encrypted state on the servers. Data could still be added by mobile devices however OCR and indexing will have to occur whenever the data is synced with that user's desktop, either manually or whenever a desktop copy of EN3 running and synced via schedule. I would feel much more comfortable with the idea of leaving my data in the cloud if it worked this way. Additionally, I need to revisit the licensing terms. Regardless of what was written in these terms, I'm not so inclined to trust anyone with the remote processing of my data. EverNote is reading my files and images. The decision to do it this way is questionable. What is being done with that data? I don't know, however I can see a similar model being developed and implemented that's similar to Google's. Will EverNote be free in return to giving up my privacy? These models sicken me. I'm am a Windows sys admin at work and a Mac user at home. I currently use EverNote 2 at work and DevonThink at home. I love the idea of having my data accessible from everywhere from a common platform and knew eventually this feature would be developed by someone. I would be more than happy to make EverNote 3 my one and only personal KB but if I cannot be assured my privacy through very strong encryption and local data processing, EN2 will be then end of the line for me on Windows. I'd like to add one more thing. Let me ask this. Is there any real reason why the data has to live in the cloud? It's my data and I don't see any reason why my desktop cannot be the place where OCR and indexing happens and the place where my mobile devices and your web portal gets it's data. I pay for both download and upload bandwidth to my ISP. I love what I see in EverNote 3, but its design is flawed and not a viable solution for me.
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